One-Week Tour in Morocco From Tangier

Discover Morocco in One Week from Tangier: The Ultimate Itinerary

Start an exciting one-week tour through Morocco that will take you from the beautiful city of Tangier to the culturally rich city of Fes. You will travel through beautiful mountains, the mesmerizing Sahara Desert, and the historic Kasbah of Ait Benhaddou. 

The last stop on your trip is Marrakech, a city known for its bright red buildings and the unique mix of old and new that makes up Morocco. This one-week tour plan from Tangier offers adventures and memories that will last a lifetime.

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One Week from Tangier Tour Highlights

One Week from Tangier Tour Overview

With our carefully planned schedule, you can start an exciting one-week tour through Morocco from Tangier. You will visit Chefchaouen, the beautiful blue city, and Fes, which is famous for its rich cultural history. Cross the beautiful Atlas Mountains and go deep into the Sahara desert, where you can ride a camel and camp in traditional Berber tents for a memorable experience. 

We will take you on another trip as we show you the beautiful red city of Marrakech and the famous Kasbah of Ait Benhaddou. With our carefully planned schedule, you can see the best of Morocco in just one week.

One Week tour Itinerary from Tangier Across Morocco Desert

Day 1: Tangier to Fes

Start our one-week tour through Morocco in Tangier and make your way to Fes, a city with a lot of history and culture. This interesting schedule will take you to a lot of fun places. First, we’ll go through Tetouan, which is also known as the “White Dove.” Then we’ll go to Chefchaouen, a beautiful blue city that’s only a three-hour drive from Tangier. Chefchaouen isn’t very big, but we’ll make the most of our two to three hours by going there. 

The Kasbah, which is in Outaa Lahmam Square, is where our tour starts. After that, we’ll take a walk through Ras El Ma and see other interesting parts of the city. After a delicious lunch in the beautiful Rif Mountains, we’ll keep traveling to Fes, where we can make arrangements for your stay if you’d like.

Day 2: Fes guided tour

On this exciting day, you’ll really get to know Fes with the help of a local expert. As we walk through the famous blue gate into the old Medina, the busy main souks will draw you in with their wide range of goods. There is a world of fun things to do there. First, a trip to the famous Al Qarawiyyin University, which UNESCO says is the oldest school still in use in the world. Next, check out the beautiful Al Attarine and Bou Inania Madrassas, which are known for being very interesting buildings.

The next stop on our plan is the Chouara Tanneries, an interesting place where leather is made. We’ll keep exploring by going to the Borj Nord and the Merinid tombs, which will give us a look into the past. You will also be able to visit one of the 12 royal houses and Dar El Batha, which used to be the royal home. You won’t want to miss this day in Fes because it’s full of cultural events.

Day 3: Fes to Merzouga Sahara

Merzouga is the highlight of our carefully planned one-week tour through Morocco from Tangier. This beautiful desert spot offers a magical camel ride and a night spent in a traditional Berber tent under the stars that you will never forget. That being said, there are many amazing places to see on the way to this Saharan gem.

Our trip starts with a stop in Ifrane to see the amazing Atlas lion figure, which represents the area’s long past. After that, our trip takes us to Azrou’s cedar forest, where Barbary macaque monkeys live. Here, you can feed these nice animals and take pictures of the interesting wildlife that you’ll remember.

As we travel through the High and Middle Atlas Mountains, the views of the Ziz Valley, with its haven of date palm trees and the life-giving Ziz River, will take your breath away. When we finally get to Merzouga, you’ll go on a magical camel ride and spend the night in a Berber tent. Adventure, nature, and culture are all woven together in a way that makes this trip memorable.

Day 4: Merzouga to Boumalne Dades

After your beautiful camel ride in the morning, our trip continues. This time, you’ll return to the car with grace as we drive to the stunning Dades Gorges. Along the way, get ready to be amazed by a number of amazing places.

Rissani, the busy main city of Tafilalet and a place rich in history and culture, will be our first stop. Next, we’ll stop at the old watering wells, where you can be amazed at how creatively people used the water to power their homes in the past. Our trip continues to the impressive Todgha Gorges, which have huge rock formations that rise up to 300 meters high and hot waters that flow through them.

The last part of our day’s trip is a nice stay at a hotel in Dades. But not before we see the interesting shapes of Tissdrine and the interesting Monkey Toes Mountains. There are many things to do on this part of your trip through Morocco, from learning about history and geography to seeing natural wonders and following local customs.

Day 5: Dades to Marrakech

As we start the fifth day of your exciting one-week tour through Morocco from Tangier, we’ll head to the beautiful city of Marrakech. But before we get there, get ready for a day full of interesting stops and beautiful views.

Our first trip takes us to the beautiful Valley of Rose Flowers, which is close to Mgouna. You will be surrounded by a sea of fragrant flowers that add pink to the scenery. Products from this area are famous for having rose in them, and you may want to check these out.

Next, we’ll take you to Ouarzazate, which people know as “Oualwood” or “Hollywood of Morocco.” As part of our trip, we will be amazed by one of the famous Atlas Studios sites, where the magic of moviemaking is shown. You can see for yourself how many great movies were made in these studios, which is a real treat for movie fans.

We will keep going until we reach the famous Kasbah of Ait Benhaddou, which is a UNESCO World Heritage site known for its stunning beauty and historical importance. Many great movies, like “Lawrence of Arabia” and “Gladiator,” were filmed in this old fortress, and you’ll be able to walk through its halls and look at its detailed architecture.

We will start our climb into the High Atlas Mountains after a delicious lunch. A lovely point 2,260 meters above sea level gives you the chance to take stunning pictures of the beautiful scenery below. A short stop at an argan oil company will teach you about this valuable Moroccan item.

We’ll finally get to the lively city of Marrakech as the Moroccan sun goes down. There, your accommodations are waiting for you, making the right end to your exciting trip today.

Day 6: Marrakech guided tour

Start our one-week tour of Morocco from Tangier, which includes two interesting guided tours in Fes and Marrakech. We’ll visit beautiful places in Marrakech that show off the city’s rich history.

Our trip starts at the beautiful Majorelle Gardens, which used to belong to Yves Saint Laurent and have a beautiful mix of lush greenery and famous brilliant blue buildings. Next, we’ll go to the peaceful Menara Gardens, which are known for their peaceful olive trees and pool.

Then we’ll see the beautiful Koutoubia Mosque and the lively Jamaa El Fna square, where you can eat traditional foods and watch street acts. The tour continues with stops at the Bahia Palace, the historic El Badi Palace, and the interesting Saadian Tombs, all of which give you unique views into Moroccan history.

Our tour ends at one of the royal houses, which gives us a look into Morocco’s royal past. This trip to Marrakech will give you a unique cultural and historical experience of this busy city.

Day 7: Marrakech to Casablanca

To end our one-week tour through Morocco from Tangier, we’ll take the highway from Marrakech to Casablanca, which will take three hours and have lots of beautiful views. The grand Hassan II Mosque is our last stop. This amazing place is still only open to people who are not Muslim. We’ll give you the choice of being driven to your hotel or helping you get to the airport for your next flight after this interesting visit.

One Week from Tangier Tour Reviews

Bucket List Check Off

Allow me to briefly share the exciting event I had in Morocco. My good friends and I took a 7-day trip through Morocco with the help of the excellent Touring in Morocco Company. Our luxury tour was planned and carried out by a team of professionals with an unwavering attention to detail. Ali, our experienced guide who was with us the whole time, was not only very helpful but also very friendly. It was always his pleasure to go the extra mile to make sure our tour was nothing less than amazing. Also, the places we stayed during the tour were nothing less than luxury and comfy. Everything we saw, from the hotels to the camping, was so clean and of such high quality that it amazed us.
Tom B
December 2022

Morocco Tour!

What a wonderful time! The staff does everything they can to make sure your trip goes as expected. They were honest about the prices and the great service. When we had questions, we emailed Touring in Morocco Travel Agency, and they answered right away. We're thankful for our helper, Ibrahim. His vast knowledge, friendly personality, and many stories about the amazing sights we were seeing made the whole thing memorable and far beyond our hopes. We think everyone should go on this trip!
Tsu N
January 2023

7 Days Well Spent!

We had a wonderful trip for a whole week, and Youssef, who is very skilled, was our incredible guide and driver. His skills, knowledge, and love for the area were truly amazing. Because of them, we were able to see and feel the magic and wonder of this beautiful place in a way that we will never forget. Additionally, Adnaan's help and happiness added an extra layer of pleasure; he went above and beyond to make sure we had everything we needed and more. Without these two wonderful people, we would not have been able to make so many memories that we will remember for a long time.
Juan R
January 2023

Stunning Views

The most beautiful parts of this trip are seeing the sunrise and sunset at the mesmerizing Erg Chebbi sand dunes.

Hotel Pick-up & Drop-off

Our one-week Morocco schedule from Tangier lets you choose whether to be picked up at the airport or at your hotel, and our drop-off service works the same way.

Professional Driver/Guide

You will be with a professional driver/guide who is not only from the area but also speaks more than one language. This will make sure that your experience is full and educational.

Photography Locations

With our one-week tour of Morocco from Tangier, you’ll be able to record beautiful moments in the most lovely places. From the beautiful blue city of Chefchaouen to the amazing sand dunes of Erg Chebbi, your camera will be by your side the whole time.

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Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at any time. You can reach out to us through our contact form or via Whatsapp. We’re here to assist you!

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To confirm your booking with us, we require a deposit to secure the reservation (the amount depends on the tour and number of passengers). The rest of the payment is paid in cash (preferably in EUR) when you meet your driver here in Morocco.

One Week from Tangier Tour Destinations' Overview

Discovering Chefchaouen on Your One-Week Moroccan Adventure

Chaouen has many names, including Chefchaouen and Iskawen in Berber. But it’s the bright blue that brings so many people to its streets. Its original Berber name, Iskawen, came from the way it looks, with two rocks that look like the horns of a goat. After the Portuguese came and took over, it changed to Chefchaouen and then to Chaouen. The people who live there, called Ghomara, are known for being friendly and open.

Chefchaouen’s past goes back to 1471, when Sherif Moulay Ali Ben Rachid built a Kasbah to protect the area from Portuguese attacks. The city we know today was formed as more buildings were added over time. The city didn’t have its famous blue color from the start; it was the Ghomara people, the Jewish community, and the Spanish who painted it blue in 1492. There are different ideas about why it changed. Some say it was to look like the sky, while others say it was to keep bugs away.

Discovering Chefchaouen is a fascinating journey with many interesting things to see and do:

  • Kasbah Museum: The historical Kasbah, which was Chefchaouen’s first building, is in Wetat Lahmam Square. As of now, it’s an art museum with a lot of pictures and information about the city’s history. Because it has about 11 towers, the Kasbah is a great place to get a view of the whole city.
  • Wetat Lehmam Square: which is like a busy city square in Chefchaouen. It’s a great place to relax with a cup of tea after a day of exploring. There are a lot of restaurants and bars in the square, and people often play a variety of musical instruments to have fun and make money.
  • Ras El Ma: The name Rashed El Ma means “the head of the water” in Arabic. This spot is very pretty and has amazing views of waterfalls. Women from the area also come here to wash their clothes in the running water.

But maybe the most charming thing to do is to just walk around the city, look at the colorful walls, and take pictures of special times that you’ll never forget. Chefchaouen is a place that will take your breath away.

Discover Fes on Your One-Week Moroccan Getaway from Tangier

Fes is famous for its rich culture and ancient old Medina, Fes El Bali. The city has a long history that goes back to 789, when it was founded by the Idrisid family, who created Morocco’s first government. Luckily, you will visit it with our one-week tour itinerary from Tangier.

People go to Fes for a wide range of interesting reasons:

  • Bab Boujloud, also known as “The Blue Gate,” is one of 11 gates, or “Babs,” that surround Fes’s old Medina. The Blue Gate, also known as Bab Boujloud, is the main entrance. It is a beautiful piece of architecture that was built in 1913, when France first took over the area.
  • Madrassas: Ancient Schools: Fes is home to many ancient Madrassas that show how complex Marinid architecture can be. Two of these schools always amaze people who visit them. First, Al Attarine was built by Sultan Uthman II Abu Said in 1323. It is in the middle of the Attarine Souk, which is full of fragrant spices and leather goods that make your senses dance. Second, the Al Bou Inania School, which was founded by Abu Inan Faris in 1351, is a beautiful place that begs to be explored.
  • Al Qarawiyyin University: While in Fes, you must visit the holy halls of Al Karaouine or Al Qarawiyyin University, which is the world’s oldest university that is still in operation. This prestigious school was established in 859, long before Italy’s famous Alma Mater Studiorum in Bologna. Surprisingly, it was started as a school to teach the Quran by a remarkable woman named Fatima El Fihri. It has since grown into a well-known university.
  • Chouara Tannery: Fes has three different tanneries, but Chouara is the best-known and most heavily visited. Craftspeople here put leather in vats of water to paint it and dry it. They then use this leather to make a wide range of items, such as shoes and clothes.

To get a better view of Fes, you might want to climb up to the Borj Nord. From there, you can see the whole city and its unique charm. Fes is full of history and culture, and you should go there to learn more about them.

Exploring Ifrane: The Gem of Your Tangier Week-Long Journey

Ifrane is often called the cleanest city with alpine-style buildings. Its name comes from the Berber word “Ifri,” which means “cave,” and the plural form “Ifrane.” It is thought that this city has been around since the 16th century, but its current look came about because of French invasion of Morocco in 1928.

A stay in Ifrane is always a highlight of our one-week tour through Morocco from Tangier. This lovely city has many things to see and do, such as:

The figure of the Atlas Lion: We stop to take pictures of this famous figure. It comes with an interesting story about a German prisoner who was given this amazing sculpture by the French in exchange for his freedom. Ifrane is a part of your trip that you will remember because it has both history and beautiful scenery.

Majestic Atlas Mountains: The Enchanting Cedar Forest

The Cedar Forest is in the middle of the Atlas Mountains. On our one-week tour of Morocco from Tangier, you can visit it. We’ll show you around the beautiful Azrou forest, which is close to Ifrane and has a lot of different kinds of animals. It’s one of Morocco’s largest forests.

You might see the Barbary Macaque apes in this forest. They are one of the area’s unique residents. In addition to the beautiful scenery, you might also see deer, dogs, or squirrels. During our trip, we plan to stop for a short time to take pictures and spend time with the friendly monkeys who are looking forward to tourists’ company and food. This visit to the Azrou forest gives your Moroccan trip a natural touch you’ll never forget.

Journey Through Morocco: The Beauty of Errachidia Dam and Ziz Valley

Ouarzazate and Errachidia are two important entry points into the beautiful Sahara. The second one takes you from Fes, which is the culture center, to the first one, which welcomes you from lively Marrakech.

Errachidia is in the Daraa Tafilalet area and has had many names over the years. It used to be called Imtghern, which is a Berber word for “home,” but later it changed its name to Ksar Souk, which means “Village of the Market.” Finally, Prince Moulay Hassan, who is brother to the present king, Mohamed V., gave it the name Errachidia.

The Hassan Addakhil Dam is the main jewel of Errachidia. It holds a huge amount of water that quenches the region’s thirst and reaches out to the Saharan desert. Named for Hassan Addakhil, the head of the Alaouite Dynasty, this dam brings water to dry areas that would otherwise be dry.

The Ziz River flows through this area and feeds the tropical date palm forests that grow along its banks. The river, which is more than 50 kilometers long, is where these tasty fruits come from and makes the Ziz Valley better. This important river goes even farther, running for about 282 kilometers from the southern part of Morocco into Algeria.

Erfoud: Unveiling the World of Fossils and Dates Fruits

The name of the small city of Erfoud comes from the Berber word “Onfoud,” which means a plant that grows in the nearby river. The city is famous for its mineral fossils and its lively dates fruit festival.

Erfoud is also sometimes called Arfoud. It was founded by the French in 1912 when they took over Morocco as a colony. In Merzouga, which is close to the Sahara Desert, there are many motels and restaurants for tourists to choose from.

Erfoud is surrounded by many beautiful mountains and is full of natural fossils, such as Trilobites, Goniatites, Orthoceras, and Crinoids, which are long dead. These amazing animals are on display in many museums in the area. Our one-week tour of Morocco from Tangier includes a trip to one of these educational institutions.

In October, Erfoud hosts an international dates fruit festival. The festival includes a busy market with a wide range of fruits and local goods, such as clothes and fossils, which is a great way to experience the city’s cultural diversity.

Rissani Market: A Vibrant Stop on Your One-Week Morocco Tour

Rissani is the town closest to the Erg Chebbi sand dunes. It is important to history because it was the capital of the Shia kingdom of Sijilmassa from the 8th century to the 14th. This history is still felt in the traditional clothes that many local women wear, which are all black.

The busy souks in Rissani, which are open on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays, are a hub for Touareg Berbers starting a 52-day trip from Mali. People come to the market on these busy days to buy or sell home goods and animals. Sheep, goats, and donkeys are bought and sold in special yards and parking lots.

Here, the local pitta bread is a culinary treat that comes in many tasty varieties, such as veggie, meatball, almond, and fish.

In addition to its cultural importance, Rissani has amazing natural features that make it look like Mars, which makes it a great place to find crystal fossils. On your trip through Morocco, you should check out this one-of-a-kind place where history, business, and natural beauty meet.

Merzouga Sahara: Highlight of Your One-Week Tour Starting from Tangier

Merzouga is sometimes called the Sahara desert or a desert theme park. It is home to the beautiful Erg Chebbi dunes, which are truly a sand paradise. This cute little town is in the southeast of Morocco, not far from the border with Algeria (only 50 kilometers away).

Merzouga is a popular tourist spot that offers a wide range of unique experiences.

To begin, camel riding stands out as an adventure that you have to try. A lot of tourists dream of riding camels across the hills to see the beautiful sunrise or sunset. Others see it as a chance to spend a magical night in a traditional Berber tent.

Second, staying the night in a Berber bivouac is an unforgettable experience that gives you a taste of life as a wanderer. There are a lot of groups that offer this kind of full experience, and our one-week Morocco tour from Tangier schedule can help you set it up. To make your camping trip more exciting, we’ll take you on a trip through the desert to meet real nomadic groups and learn about their unique way of life.

Third, quad riding is a fun and exciting exercise that many people enjoy. You can take an ATV with a helper and go exploring for an exciting hour. Since the fun takes place on sand dunes, it’s even more exciting when the sand is wet from rain.

For the fourth reason, our trips to Morocco include two days in Merzouga and let you see the Gnaoua people in Khamlia. You can enjoy their music here, which is played with iron drums called “Krakebs.”

Lastly, don’t miss the chance to see the camels grazing at Merzouga’s Dayet Srij Lake and the flamingos that come to live there. During your amazing trip, check out this one-of-a-kind Moroccan spot.

Todgha and Dades Gorges: Where Beauty and Serenity Unite in Morocco

The Todgha Gorges

Along the road of a thousand Kasbahs, Todgha Gorges is only 20 kilometers from the center of Tinghir and a famous tourist spot. People from Tinghir and nearby towns often come to relax, have picnics, and bring water in jugs for the nomadic groups that live nearby.

The valleys are about 300 meters (984 feet) deep, and even though they are dangerous, they attract daring hikers. What makes them unique is the river that flows through them, cutting through solid rocks to make a beautiful scenery.

The Dades Gorges

The halfway point for tourists going from Marrakech to Merzouga is the Dades Gorges, which are not far from the Todgha Gorges. We suggest taking a short break here to enjoy the monkey-toe-shaped mountains. Another interesting stop is at Tissdrine’s curvy corners, where Cadillac once showed off their cars speed by speeding up and down three times in an amazing 03:19 seconds. Enjoy these sights as you travel.

Ouarzazate's Rich Heritage and Desert Allure

Should you like movies, Ouarzazate is a must-see on your trip. In Berber, “Ouar” means “without” and “Zazate” means “noise.” This is how you can understand the word. In a strange way, the city is not quiet at all.

The famous Kasbah of Taourirt is in Ouarzazate. It is a huge maze with 300 rooms. You need a ticket to see this site, so we recommend going to the Kasbah of Ait Benhaddou instead, which is free to enter. Ouarzazate is the center of the film industry, and it has many Atlas studios that directors rent to shoot scenes. Stars from movies like Lawrence of Arabia and Gladiator have stayed at the Oscar studio, which is a popular spot for tourists.

People know Ouarzazate as the entrance to the Sahara. It is also home to Africa’s biggest solar station, a groundbreaking $9 billion project. This clean, low-cost energy source is a shining example of how things should be in the future. Don’t miss this one-of-a-kind part of your trip.

Ait Benhaddou: An Iconic UNESCO World Heritage Site

The Kasbah of Ait Benhaddou is an interesting and important place to visit. Morocco has a lot of Kasbahs, but this one is the best and you should go see it. The word “Kasbah” comes from the Arabic-Berber word “Kasab,” which means “bamboo,” since the walls of the Kasbah were made of bamboo.

You may also hear the word “Ksar,” which means an Arabic castle like the king’s house. This Kasbah can be reached from two main ways: one across Oued El Maleh, and the other across the bridge. The second choice is safer because the river can flood. Inside, there are seven floors with many shops and people selling different things. Unofficial guides may try to talk to you, but it’s best to stay away from them.

This Kasbah was built by Pasha Thami Glaoui, who was the Lord of the Atlas Mountains. It was a place where Berber wagon Touaregs could trade. They bought and sold things like makeup, salt, and more. Ouad El Maleh is the name of the river in front of the Kasbah. It got its name from being used for selling salt.

Many well-known movies have been filmed in Ait Benhaddou, such as Gladiator (2000), Lawrence of Arabia (1962), Sodom and Gomorrah (1963), Jesus of Nazareth (1977), The Man Who Would Be King (1975), and Marco Polo (1982). The Kasbah is a special place to stop on your trip because it was used in or near 21 movies.

Marrakech Highlights on Your Tangier Week-Long Tour

A lot of people love to visit Marrakech, which is also known as “the red city.” In the year 1062, Abu Bakr bin Umar built this city. Its name comes from the Berber phrase “Amur n Akush,” which means “land of God.” There are four royal towns in Morocco, and this one is the fourth biggest.

About 3 million people visit Marrakech every year because it is a popular place for tourists. It’s often called a tourist city because so many people like to visit. The city has many things to see and do, such as

  • Jemaa El Fna: This busy square is where many people go to have fun, shop and do other things. Some people will charm snakes, play flutes on the street make snakes dance, and sell a lot of different things, like glasses, watches, and t-shirts. The square is also a meeting spot for street artists who tell stories and do gymnastics shows to keep people entertained.
  • The Koutoubia Mosque is one of the most impressive buildings in Marrakech. It has a 77-meter-tall dome and an 8-meter-tall spire. It was built in 1147 by Abd al Mu’min ibn Ali and faces Jemaa El Fna Square. In the past, it was used for book sales.
  • Majorelle Garden: To art lovers, the Jardin Majorelle is a must-see. It was once owned by the French artist Jean-Jhon Jack Majorelle. Two French artists, Yves Saint Laurent and Pierre Bergé, made this park in the modern part of Marrakech available to everyone. It costs money to get in, and about 900,000 people go there every year. This gem, which Jhon Jack worked on for more than 40 years, shows how much he loved Marrakech.

The last stop on our Tangier one-week tour through Morocco is Marrakech. Following that, we’ll go to Casablanca and then to the airport so you can depart back to your country.

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