Top 16 Luxury Camps in Merzouga Desert, Morocco

This is a one-of-a-kind and appealing place to go on holiday if you want to unwind in style among the huge sand dunes. If you want to get away from the stress of everyday life, the desert is a great place to go. It has beautiful views, a calm atmosphere, and high-end services. It will talk about the 16 best luxury camps in the Merzouga Desert and give you a lot of details about their services, facilities, and other great things they have to offer.

At Desert Luxury Camps in Merzouga, the DOME tents are very nice, and at Luxury Oasis Camp, the setting is peaceful and like an oasis. These camps give the highest level of comfort and luxury. The Imperial Glory Lodges are a royal place to stay with big rooms and food with all options.

People who want a mix of adventure and comfort can go on camel rides through the desert of Merzouga and spend the night at the fancy place of Camel Trips Luxury Camp under the stars. People who stay at Milky Way Desert Camp can see the stars at night as well and enjoy high-end services like private bathrooms and gourmet meals. Tiziri Camp’s tents are made in the traditional Berber style, but they also have modern comforts to make your stay in the desert truly one of a kind.

Palmyra Luxury Camp has fancy tents with views of green palm trees and lovely scenery where guests can unwind. This camp in the middle of the desert has both traditional Moroccan style and modern comforts to make your stay one you’ll never forget. Finally, Dihya Desert Camp has a helpful staff that makes sure all of its guests’ needs are met. They also make sure that everything runs smoothly.

You can get away to these 16 top luxury camps in the Merzouga Desert if you want to be alone or try something new. Because they offer great service, nice tents, and beautiful natural settings, each camp will give you an experience that will leave you feeling refreshed and inspired. Get ready for this amazing trip into the middle of the desert, where you’ll find freedom and warmth.

Desert Luxury Camps – DOME tents

In the Merzouga desert, the Dome tents at Desert Luxury Camps offer a private and high-class experience that makes it a home for famous people. These one-of-a-kind tents offer a private and hidden setting for guests who want a truly unique stay. The Dome tents are set up in the middle of beautiful desert sand and have amazing views of the local area. Each tent has a toilet, sink, and shower, as well as other modern conveniences, so guests can enjoy their stay in the greatest comfort.

Desert Luxury Camps’ Dome tents are made to make guests feel like kings and queens. When people arrive, they are given a cool drink and introduced to the helpful staff who will make sure all of their needs are met during their stay. The air-conditioned rooms are a nice break from the hot or cold desert, and they let people rest and unwind after visiting the dunes. Each tent has electricity, so people can also stay in touch with the outside world if they want to.

The in-ground pool at Desert Luxury Camps is what makes it different from other places to stay. It’s only a few steps from each guest’s tent. This pool is in its own tent shelter and is a cool, clean place for people to get away from the sweltering heat of the Sahara. The fact that Desert Luxury Camp has such high-end services in the middle of the Merzouga desert makes it stand out from other camps.

The Dome tents at Desert Luxury Camps offer the most luxurious camping experience in Merzouga that can’t be beat. These tents are perfect for celebrities who want privacy and luxury. They are set in a private area surrounded by beautiful sand dunes and have high-end features like air conditioning and an in-ground pool. While we move on to the luxury oasis camp, which is another excellent aspect of  this camp, it’s clear that Desert Luxury Camp is one of the 16 best luxury camps in the Merzouga desert.

Merzouga Luxury Desert Camps (Celebrities’ Heaven)

Welcome to Merzouga Luxury Desert Camps, Morocco’s only resort for you. The camp gives you a one-of-a-kind chance to relax and enjoy the desert’s ever-changing beauty.

The desert camp is set in the peaceful and beautiful Erg Chebbi sand dunes and offers a holiday you will never forget. It is the perfect place for couples, single people, and small groups who want to be alone and enjoy complete peace. The Private Camp gives you a sense of warmth and class with its ten large, luxurious tents. It was made especially for people who like the peace and quiet of full silence. You can take a break for a day or two and enjoy the high-class atmosphere. You can think alone or go for beautiful walks through one of the world’s most beautiful Sahara Deserts.

Merzouga Luxury Desert Camps is only an hour and a half from Erfoud. They welcome you to spend a magical night under the stars in their premium tents camp in this beautiful oasis. From the top of the dunes, you can take a beautiful camel ride at sunset or morning. A traditional Moroccan dinner under the stars at night and a delicious breakfast in the morning will make your trip through the desert even more fun.

Celebrities stayed here:

  • Daddy Yankee: Puerto Rican Rapper
  • Abu Azaitar: Martial artist
  • Just Sul: Comedian
  • French Montana: Moroccan-American Rapper
  • Red One: Moroccan Siner-Song Writer
  • Amanda Cerny: American internet personality
  • Dinah Jane: American Singer

A famous song that took part at this camp:

At Merzouga Luxury Desert Camps, you can take it easy and enjoy the beautiful desert scenery.

Luxury Oasis Camp – AC available

Luxury Oasis Camp - Accomodation in Merzouga desert

In the middle of the vast and beautiful Desert of Merzouga, there is a beautiful haven where thoughtful visitors can find peace in the enchanted embrace of nature’s grandeur. The Luxury Oasis Camp is a one-of-a-kind and memorable experience because it combines luxury lodging with the untouched beauty of the desert. The camp was carefully planned to fit in with its surroundings, showing a deep appreciation for the land that has supported it.

When people enter this luxury oasis, they are met by a calm and peaceful atmosphere. The rich Berber culture can be seen in every part of the house, from the hand-made fabrics that cover every surface to the intricately inlaid wood furniture. The large tents have private bathrooms with hot water showers and comfy leather beds, making sure that guests are very comfortable in this out of the way place. There is a rest area inside where guests can unwind and take in their surroundings. Windows with screens let cool air flow through.

The Luxury Oasis Camp is set up in the shape of a circle, so there is a lot of room between each tent for peace and quiet. A meeting spot with a fire in the middle lets people get to know each other. Here, they can have lively talks or just enjoy the warmth while listening to local artists sing traditional songs. As night falls over the Merzouga desert, this public area comes to life with laughter and friendship.

At Luxury Oasis Camp, guests have an unbeatable eating experience thanks to its excellent service and delicious Moroccan food served in its restaurant. With its lush trees and other plants that add to its magical atmosphere, it really does feel like you’ve stepped into a different world where time has stopped. As dawn breaks over the horizon or dusk paints the sky with bright colors, tourists will always remember these amazing times.

As we say goodbye to the appeal of Luxury Oasis Camp, let us begin our trip to the next breathtaking destination: The Imperial Glory Lodges.

Imperial Glory Lodges – AC available

Imperial Glory Lodges, Merzouga Luxury Desert Camps

Located in the beautiful Desert of Merzouga, the Imperial Glory Lodges offer a high-class and relaxing experience for those looking for a break. These beautiful cabins are made to give guests a special touch of style and grace, making sure that every moment spent here is one they will never forget. As soon as you get there, the magical vibe of this desert paradise will take your breath away.

Each house is carefully designed to fit in with its natural settings, combining luxury and nature in a way that works well together. The rooms are beautifully designed with high-end furniture and modern conveniences, making sure that guests have everything they need during their stay. The rooms are very large and have beautiful views of the desert. You can enjoy the beauty of the desert from the ease of your own private oasis.

There are also many fun things to do and see at Imperial Glory Lodges to make your stay more enjoyable. There is something for everyone to do here, from riding camels through the huge sand dunes to eating traditional Moroccan food at their beautiful restaurant. When you start your trip through this beautiful desert, you’ll feel closer to nature and more free, which is something that can only happen in such a unique place.

As we continue our look at high-end camps in the Merzouga Desert, let’s go to Camel Trips Luxury Camp, where there are always new and exciting things to do.

Camel Trips Luxury Camp

Surrounded by the golden dunes of Morocco's mesmerizing Sahara, Camel Trips Luxury Camp

The beautiful Sahara Desert of Morocco surrounds Camel Trips Luxury Camp. This is a great spot for people who want to have a one-of-a-kind desert experience. This high-end camp is right in the middle of Merzouga and is the only place you can stay in comfort and style while enjoying the peace and beauty of the desert. A fancy tent at the camp has a king-size bed and its own bathroom, so you can stay in style even in the middle of the desert.

People who stay at Camel Trips Luxury Camp can do many fun things that show off the beauty of the Sahara. Riding a camel across rolling sand dunes is a great way to see the sky filled with bright colors at sunrise and sunset. Sandboarding down steep dunes or riding quad bikes around the area are exciting things to do that will leave you with unforgettable memories.

At the end of your time in the desert, eat some tasty Moroccan food at the camp’s restaurant. When you eat outside under the stars, you can enjoy hearty, traditional foods. You’ll feel right at home in this faraway paradise because the staff is nice and helpful. They’ll take care of all your needs and make you feel like you’re on vacation.

Now that we’ve seen Camel Trips Luxury Camp, it’s worth noting that Milky Way Desert Camp is also a great desert camp that hasn’t been seen yet. Join us at our next stop on our tour of Merzouga’s most amazing luxury camps. This one promises to take you even further into a world of magic and wonder.

Milky Way Desert Camp

Milky Way Desert Camp, 5 star camp in Merzouga

Milky Way Desert Camp is set in the middle of the beautiful Sahara desert, surrounded by huge golden dunes that offer an unforgettable and intense experience. For those who want to feel like they’re in the Sahara desert while still having all their needs met, this luxury camp is the perfect place. The 11 tents at the camp offer a cozy place to stay where people can unwind and enjoy the natural beauty of their surroundings.

At Milky Way Desert Camp, friendliness is very important, and the staff works hard to make sure that every guest has a great time. The camp is proud to share its customs and culture with guests, which allows people from different cultures to meet and learn from each other. Guests are engaged in a real desert experience, whether they’re listening to traditional music around a bonfire or eating wonderful Moroccan food.

In the desert, there’s nothing better than spending the night under the stars. Milky Way Desert Camp knows this. It is their goal that guests of their camp feel at ease and have amazing views of the night sky. This luxury camp really stands out from the others in Merzouga because it pays attention to every detail and is dedicated to giving great service.

It’s worth noting that another amazing place is just beyond Milky Way Desert Camp. It’s called “Kam Kam Dunes.” When you stay at this amazing desert camp, these fascinating dunes give you even more chances to explore and have fun.

Kam Kam Dunes

Kam Kam Dunes camp in Merzouga desert

We are now going to talk about Kam Kam Dunes, which is another one of the best luxury camps in the Merzouga desert. This high-end Sahara camp is perfectly placed in the middle of the Erg Chebbi Desert to give you a unique nomad experience. Kam Kam Dunes is different because it has a special mix of peace, style, and friendly Berber welcome. As you walk into this oasis in the dunes, you’ll be enchanted by the clear skies, the stunning views, and the peace that surrounds you.

At Kam Kam Dunes, the twelve Premium Berebere Tents have been carefully built to blend in with their natural settings. Each tent has everything you need to be as comfortable as possible while you’re in the Sahara. Every little thing, from the soft beds to the private baths, has been carefully thought out to make your stay better. As night falls and the camp becomes quiet, you can spend some time thinking about your life under the stars or just enjoy the beautiful colors that paint this magical scenery.

What really makes Kam Kam Dunes stand out is that it is dedicated to keeping traditions alive while also offering modern conveniences. Traditional “Haimas” made by the Berbers from camel skin and other materials found in the area give a real look into their wandering way of life. But even though it stays true to its roots, this desert haven doesn’t skimp on comfort or luxury. The way that history and comfort are seamlessly combined at Kam Kam Dunes makes it a great choice for people who want a unique desert journey.

Let us now look at Sunrise Sahara Camp (Dome Tents), which is another amazing luxury camp in Merzouga.

Sunrise Sahara Camp (DOME tents)

Sunrise Sahara Camp (DOME tents)

Sunrise Sahara Camp is a beautiful place to stay at the base of Erg Chebbi’s sand dunes. It’s a great place for tourists to get away from it all and experience the rich traditions of the Berber people. This exclusive, high-quality camp is made for tourists who are interested in new experiences and people who love camping. It has a unique charm that can’t be found anywhere else. You can feel the spirit of the desert and the Berber people everywhere in Sunrise Sahara Camp as soon as you walk in. The camp got its start with a small family of nomads who turned their way of life into a memorable experience for everyone to share.

One of the most interesting things about Sunrise Sahara Camp is its DOME tents. These places to stay are comfortable and high-class, but they still let guests connect with nature. The tents are big and well-equipped, and they are decorated in a way that is typical of the Berber people who live there. There are soft blankets and pillows on the beds inside each tent to make sure you have a good night’s sleep after a day of fun in the desert. From your private oasis, you can enjoy stunning views of Erg Chebbi’s high dunes or just unwind under a sky full of stars.

Sunrise Sahara Camp is different from other luxury camps in Merzouga not only because of its beautiful setting, but also because it wants to give its guests an experience they will never forget. There are many things to do at the camp, like camel treks across the huge sand dunes, quad biking experiences, and traditional Berber music and dance shows in the evenings. In addition, guests can enjoy tasty meals made by skilled local cooks with fresh vegetables gathered from nearby oasis. Sunrise Sahara Camp really captures the magic of this beautiful desert scenery. Every detail was carefully thought out to create an atmosphere of peace and authenticity.

In a way that fits right in with our talk about “Magic Luxury Camp,” Sunrise Sahara Camp asks people to go on a trip that blends luxury with a close link to nature.

Magic Luxury Camp

Magic Luxury Camp in Merzouga

In the middle of Erg Chebbi’s peaceful and beautiful sand dunes, Magic Luxury Camp invites guests to fully experience the magic of the desert. This beautiful camp is only an hour and a half’s drive from Erfoud and offers complete privacy and quiet for couples, individuals, and small groups looking for a peaceful break. There are ten large and fancy tents at this private luxury camp, so guests can expect to feel comfortable and grand while they’re there.

The Magic Luxury Camp is made for people who know how important it is to be alone and in full silence. There is no better place to think or relax than to take a slow walk in one of the world’s most beautiful Sahara Deserts. As night falls, guests can ride a camel to the top of the dunes to see the beautiful sunset. People will be amazed by the fascinating show that the changing colors of the desert make. A traditional Moroccan dinner outside under the stars makes the mood even more magical.

As dawn comes up, guests can get back on their camels and ride into the desert to see another beautiful sunrise. The peaceful moments and stunning natural beauty around them make Magic Luxury Camp a memorable experience for everyone who goes there. As a final touch to this exciting desert journey, breakfast is served in this beautiful camp before leaving this peaceful haven.

We’ll move right on to the next part, which is about “Ali & Sara’s Desert Palace,” by talking about another amazing luxury camp in the Merzouga Desert.

Ali & Sara’s Desert Palace

Ali & Sara's Desert Palace in Merzouga

Ali & Sara’s Desert Palace gives guests a one-of-a-kind chance to experience the enticing beauty and peace of the desert. It’s a memorable experience that combines rest, excitement, and caring for the environment. 4×4 cars can get to the camp, so people can have a safe and relaxed trip. If you want a more classic experience, you can go on a camel ride to see the beautiful sunrise or sunset, which starts and ends at the camp. Ali & Sara’s Desert Palace is responsible for the environment, so it uses both candles and solar power to light its rooms. Their own well provides water for hot baths, and they provide clean towels in a separate bathroom with a flush toilet for each guest.

It is truly a unique experience to eat at Ali & Sara’s Desert Palace. Guests can choose to eat outside under the stars or in their own private eating rooms, both of which have beautiful views of the desert. The food is made from scratch to fit each guest’s plan and is served at times that work for them. There is no need to be in a hurry in the mornings because everyone can eat breakfast at their own pace. Ali & Sara’s Desert Palace wants to give guests a full desert experience where they can rest and relax while being cared for by friendly staff who are proud of their service.

As we move on to talking about Sirocco Luxury Camp in the Merzouga Desert without saying “step,” it’s important to remember that this famous luxury camp offers another great choice for tourists looking for an amazing desert experience.

Sirocco Luxury Camp

Sirocco Luxury Camp in Merzouga desert, Erg Chebbi

Sirocco Camp is in the beautiful sand dunes of Erg Chebbi and gives guests a one-of-a-kind chance to go on an exciting desert adventure. This high-end camp in a beautiful setting offers a one-of-a-kind and unforgettable experience for people seeking peace and quiet. Sirocco Camp is in a great spot, so guests can rest in their big, fancy tents and watch the desert colors change all the time.

There are six beautiful, cozy, and well-equipped tents at the camp. Each tent’s makers pay close attention to every little thing to make sure that guests have everything they need to have a good time. It was thought out that these tents would make you feel the most at ease, from the soft beds to the private bathrooms. A respect for Morocco’s rich cultural past is shown through the decor, which is a mix of traditional Moroccan style and modern comforts.

The rooms at Sirocco Camp are very nice, and the camp has plenty of activities for people with all sorts of interests. The huge desert is full of fun things to do. People can ride camels or drive 4x4s over sand dunes. If you want to relax at Sirocco Camp, you have to look up at the bright open sky and see the stars. Traditional Moroccan food is also served in the camp’s restaurant, so visitors can enjoy real tastes while taking in the beautiful views.

In the next section, “Caravanserai Luxury Desert Camp,” we’ll talk about another stunning desert spot in Merzouga that will also captivate tourists.

Caravanserai Luxury Desert Camp – AC available

Caravanserai Luxury Desert Camp, Merzouga (Morocco)

Let’s move on to the Caravanserai Luxury Desert Camp now that we’re done with the Sirocco Luxury Camp. Being tucked away in the beautiful dunes of Merzouga, this camp makes your time in the desert a little more luxurious. Because each room has its own bathroom with a shower and two beds, Caravanserai makes sure that you can be comfortable without giving up the real feel of your desert trip.

At Caravanserai Luxury Desert Camp, they know that everyone has different wants and needs. This is why they have different room types, such as triple and quadruple rooms with single beds, so you can choose how to stay when you’re traveling with family or friends. They’re happy that they’ve made a place where both single guests and families who want to share an experience can feel at home.

Caravanserai is different because they offer you a very high-class stay in the middle of the desert. Besides the peace and quiet of the area, you can enjoy modern conveniences like soft beds, hot showers, and great service from the helpful staff. It’s magical to watch traditional Moroccan music and dance shows under a sky full of stars as night falls over Merzouga’s huge dunes.

We go to Tiziri Camp next, which is another secret gem in this beautiful area, as our tour of Caravanserai Luxury Desert Camp comes to an end. Get ready to be enchanted by its unique beauty as we visit a oasis in the middle of nature’s beauty where high-end and exciting things happen.

Tiziri Camp

Situated amidst the captivating Erg Chebbi sand dunes in Morocco, Tiziri Camp

You can find Tiziri Camp in Morocco in the beautiful Erg Chebbi sand dunes. It is a peaceful and luxurious place to stay that fits right in with its natural surroundings. The guests can fully enjoy being in the middle of nature at an eco-friendly camp that supports simple and humble luxury. The six tent beds have a warm and unique look that adds to the overall sense of peace. They are made from natural fabrics and furniture that was made by hand. The area has been carefully planned so that people can relax and feel like they are part of their surroundings.

Aside from making people feel at ease, Tiziri Camp also wants to give them a unique food experience. Fresh food from the area is used to make home-cooked meals with a twist. The best place to eat under the stars and moon is in the pretty restaurant tent with soft lighting. This place is appealing because it feels cozy around the fire, and guests can enjoy tasty food while satisfying their sense of excitement.

People can get away to a world of peace and freedom at Tiziri Camp. It has both luxury and natural beauty. No matter if you want to chill out in your cozy tent bedroom or do fun things in the desert, this camp has something for everyone. We’ll talk about Palmyra Luxury Camp in the next part. In the mesmerizing desert scenery of Merzouga, get ready to find another beautiful place that oozes luxury.

Palmyra Luxury Camp

Nestled within the serene Erg Chebbi sand dunes, Palmyra Luxury Camps in Merzouga

The Palmyra Luxury Camp is hidden in the quiet sand dunes of Erg Chebbi. It’s a great place to visit because it’s both comfortable and kind to the environment. This out of the way property is one of the nicest luxury camps in the Merzouga Desert. It gives people who want to really experience the Sahara a one-of-a-kind place to stay. There are six high-end tents at the camp. Each one is fully stocked and has beautiful Moroccan furniture that was made by hand. People who come to see the desert during the day will have plenty of room to rest and unwind in these big tents.

One of the most important things to Palmyra Luxury Camp is being environmentally friendly. Making their guests as comfy as possible while having as little impact on the world as possible is important to them. It’s like an eco-friendly oasis in the middle of the dunes because they run their whole business with sustainable growth in mind. Because they care about the environment, tourists can enjoy a luxurious stay without giving up their desire to travel in a responsible way.

Palmyra Luxury Camp is a lovely spot to unwind in the outdoors. As the sun goes down, you can watch the sand dunes change color or enjoy traditional Moroccan food outside. If you’re a tourist or just someone looking for peace and quiet in a beautiful place, this premium tent camp says it will take your camping experience to a whole new level. Palmyra Luxury Camp is set up in traditional nomad tents but is warm and very fancy. It’s a great place to get lost in the magic of the Sahara Desert.

Orient Desert Camp is one of the nicer camps in the Merzouga Desert, and we’re going to talk about it now.

Orient Desert Camp

Located in the heart of the breathtaking Merzouga Sands, Orient Desert Camp

At Orient Desert Camp, in the middle of the beautiful Merzouga Sands, visitors looking for a quiet and private stay in Morocco’s desert scenery will find paradise. Because it is eco-friendly, this luxury camp gives guests a one-of-a-kind chance to be in nature while still having modern comforts. The camp is surrounded by high dunes that make you feel completely alone and away from the rest of the world.

The Orient Desert Camp has 6 essential luxury tents, and each one has a large patio outside for relaxing. The rooms are made to be as comfortable and peaceful as possible, so guests can relax and recharge in the peaceful desert setting. When guests wake up, they can see beautiful views of the desert, and breakfast and dinner are included in the room rate every day.

When you eat at Orient Desert Camp, you really enjoy your food. The menu changes often and always has a great collection of grilled meats and fresh veggies from nearby markets. Eating dinner under the stars in the desert while campfires crackle creates a magical atmosphere that adds to the charm of this fancy camp. People who want to go on an adventure can also ask for lunch to be brought to them.

Orient Desert Camp is in one of Morocco’s most beautiful settings and offers a unique experience for visitors looking for both luxury and adventure. This camp is perfect for people who want to get away from their busy lives and reconnect with nature because it is set in the middle of the Merzouga Sands and is committed to using eco-friendly methods. Before we talk about the next camp, we should say that Orient Desert Camp is a great example of a luxury getaway in Morocco’s desert.

Dihya Desert Camp

Dihya Desert Camp Merzouga luxury camps

Getting away from the subject of the Orient Desert Camp, the Dihya Desert Camp is another impressive high-end camp in the fascinating Merzouga desert. This camp is set in the huge sand dunes of Erg Chebbi and offers a one-of-a-kind experience for people who want to enjoy luxury in the middle of nature. If you want to spend one night or several nights visiting the Sahara desert, Dihya Desert Camp has modern and comfy tents for you to stay in.

Watching the beautiful colors of the desert scenery change from day to night is one of the best things about staying at Dihya Desert Camp. Picture yourself lying under a blanket of stars and looking up at a sky that is a mix of gold and purple. Guests can add to this wonderful experience by riding camels at sunrise and sunset. These rides take them to high points atop huge sand dunes with amazing views.

Guests at Dihya Desert Camp can enjoy the natural beauty around them and also take part in a variety of activities planned by the camp’s experienced staff. For action lovers, there is something for everyone, from thrilling sandboarding down steep dunes to heart-pounding 4×4 trips through rough terrain. Quad bikes and buggies are also available for those who want an extra thrill while exploring this beautiful desert paradise.

The Dihya Desert Camp is a beautiful place for tourists who want to relax in the arms of nature. You can choose from different places to stay, enjoy delicious Moroccan food for dinner and breakfast, and take part in a wide range of fun activities. This camp is perfect for people who want both comfort and the freedom that comes with being surrounded by pure wilderness.


In conclusion, the Merzouga Desert in Morocco has a lot of high-class camps that satisfy the needs and wants of picky tourists. Dome tents that make you feel like you’re in another world and Oasis Camps that give you a peaceful escape are both high-class options in the dunes.

The Imperial Glory Lodges are one of a kind because they make people feel like kings while they are there by having a royal feel and giving them great service. Come to the Camel Trips Luxury Camp to get a real taste of the desert. You can ride camels and be treated like a Berber. People who love the night sky will love the Milky Way Desert Camp. It has views of the sky that you can’t find anywhere else.

Tiziri Camp has a lot of peace and quiet for people who want to find it. For a great desert break, Palmyra Luxury Camp has first-class services and rooms that are the height of comfort. At Orient Desert Camp, where there are traditional music shows and great food, people can really taste Moroccan culture.

Lastly, Dihya Desert Camp lives up to its name by being both warm and exciting at the same time. These 16 top luxury camps in the Merzouga Desert let visitors relax in plush rooms while exploring one of the most beautiful places in nature. You can watch the stars or ride camels at these camps. Either way, you’ll have a unique experience that will make you want more.

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