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Senior Tours To Morocco

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Morocco Tours for Seniors

Senior tours to Morocco are packages that provide a unique opportunity to take in the culture, sights, and sounds of this fascinating destination. From exploring ancient cities like Marrakesh or visiting coastal villages like Essaouira, there are plenty of opportunities to experience all that Morocco has to offer. Whether you’re looking for relaxation or adventure, there are tours available to suit your needs.

Morocco is a beautiful and vibrant country located in the northwest corner of Africa. It offers travelers many incredible experiences, with its diverse landscapes including mountains, deserts, and beaches. With its mild climate year-round, it is an ideal destination for seniors looking to explore the world with ease and comfort.

Top 5 Senior Tours In Morocco

Senior Tours in Morocco can be devided into 5 tour packages starting from major cities in Morocco. However, Seniors can always customize their own packages depending on their interest and preferences.

Here are the top 5 Senior Tours in Morocco:

1. Senior Tours From Casablanca

2. Senior Tours From Marrakech

3. Senior Tours From Fes

4. Senior Tours From Tangier

5. Senior Tours From Agadir

Tips for Senior Tours in Morocco

Is Morocco Safe for Seniors?

Traveling to a foreign land can be intimidating and many wonder if the country is safe for all ages. Morocco, in general, is a safe and secure country, however, there is still some level of petty street scams that could potentially affect travelers – particularly those who are perceived to be wealthy. It is important to take the necessary precautions while on vacation; avoiding carrying large amounts of cash, not displaying expensive items such as jewelry or watches, and keeping valuables in hotel safes. It may also be helpful to report thefts or other incidents to the local police or tourist police for insurance purposes. Although there may be risks associated with traveling anywhere, seniors should feel comfortable and secure when visiting Morocco by taking standard safety measures.

Getting Around Morocco

Traveling through Morocco can present unique challenges, particularly when venturing off the beaten path, so careful planning is essential. Roads are generally good quality but be aware that some of the more remote areas may have steep climbs and bends. For those who prefer to travel with an experienced driver, there are many reliable services available for hire while independent travelers may prefer to use public transport such as trains or buses. Trains can often be delayed but offer an opportunity to meet local people and see the country in comfort. Buses from companies such as SupraTours and CTM provide direct links between major cities and are usually safe, comfortable, and punctual. It is important to note that most medinas (old walled towns) in big cities can only be accessed on foot. With this information in mind, senior tours to Morocco can still provide a great experience with plenty of exciting opportunities for exploration and adventure!


Navigating in Morocco can be a challenge for those with mobility issues, as accommodation and infrastructure are not necessarily designed to accommodate their needs. However, there are some accommodations that can be made. Those with accessibility issues should consider booking ground-floor rooms in riads (townhouse guesthouses) or look for hotels that have elevators:

  1. Look for riads that have ground-floor rooms; many of them are quite tall and narrow with plenty of stairs.
  2.  Check if the hotel has an elevator to make it easier to access higher floors.
  3. Alert your tour guide or hotel about any special requirements you may have when it comes to assistance getting around.
  4. Research ahead of time any accessible routes or pathways so you can plan your route accordingly.
  5. Make sure your transport vehicle is equipped with wheelchair ramps if necessary.

Despite potential challenges posed by accessibility issues, seniors can still experience the wonders of Morocco through outdoor activities such as visiting spice markets, exploring the medina streets, enjoying local cuisine, and experiencing traditional culture – all while taking extra care and precaution when navigating the area.

Outdoor Activities

Exploring the outdoor offerings of Morocco can provide travelers with a unique and memorable experience. From trekking and climbing to water sports, there is something for everyone. For those who may not be as fit or experienced, it is important to make sure the guide or instructor is aware of your fitness level so an appropriate pace can be maintained. It is also possible to book an all-terrain vehicle rather than a camel ride if you anticipate issues around riding a camel or levels of comfort. Luxury desert camps are available for those who want to enjoy the full comforts under a starlit Sahara sky. With these considerations in mind, seniors can have an enjoyable and safe trip into the desert in Morocco. As such, having access to medical facilities becomes even more important for elderly travelers.

Medical Facilities

For elderly travelers, access to reliable medical facilities can be paramount for a safe and enjoyable trip. In Morocco, there are clinics, doctors, and hospitals available in the larger cities that meet high standards. But in rural or remote areas, medical facilities could be several hundreds of miles away:

  • Planning ahead is essential to maintain peace of mind;
  • Travel insurance should be up to date and cover any pre-existing conditions;
  • Carry a first aid kit with any necessary medication;
  • If you anticipate going off the beaten track, research what medical services may be available in advance.

By taking these precautions, seniors can ensure that they have access to the necessary medical care during their tours in Morocco. Additionally, it’s important to consider special dietary requirements when traveling as well.

Special Dietary Requirements

When traveling to Morocco, it is important to consider the availability of special dietary requirements. Although Moroccan cuisine is usually prepared from local, seasonal ingredients, there are limitations when it comes to meeting special dietary needs such as vegetarianism, gluten-free, and nut intolerance. It can be difficult to find restaurants that offer these options or even know how to make them. Therefore, travelers should bring their own supplies if they anticipate particular requirements. To get a more authentic experience of the local cuisine, tourists may opt for cooking workshops located in riads which will provide an opportunity to explain their needs and preferences. Furthermore, these workshops provide an interactive way of learning about traditional recipes and flavors while adapting them for special diets. With this in mind, seniors can have a safe and enjoyable tour with tailored meals in Morocco.


Morocco is a beautiful and vibrant country with immense opportunities for seniors to explore. From the stark beauty of the Atlas Mountains to the golden sand dunes of the Sahara Desert, Morocco has something for everyone. Its excellent infrastructure and accessibility make it an ideal destination for senior travelers. The outdoor activities available vary from camel trekking through ancient towns, to hiking in remote mountain villages. Medical facilities are adequate and special dietary requirements can be catered for with ease. Morocco is generally considered safe for seniors, however as with any foreign travel, precautions should be taken to ensure personal safety. With its stunning landscapes and hospitable culture, Morocco is a great option for a memorable holiday experience that will remain etched in one’s memory forever.

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