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Erfoud Fossils for Sale in Morocco

Erfoud Fossils for Sale in Morocco

Looking For Authentic Fossils in Morocco?

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Morocco is one of the most geographically varied nations on the planet, bounded to the west by the Atlas Mountains and to the east by the Sahara Desert. Because of the dry climate, extensive amounts of rock are exposed, making it simple to comprehend its geology. Fascinating natural features such as folded rocks, towering sand dunes, and abundant fossil beds spanning from the pre-Cambrian to the Recent geological epoch await nature lovers. Eastern Morocco especially Erfoud has trilobites, ammonites, and other ancient living fossils such as dinosaurs, coral, and shark teeth. Excavations in Morocco have allowed paleontologists to greatly update the geological record.

It’s incredible to believe that millions of years ago, the Sahara desert was a shallow sea. Prehistoric marine animals such as Ammonites, Orthoceras, and Trilobites thrived in this sea and collected on the bottom when they perished. Their remains were buried in the mud and transformed into stone over millennia. Ammonites resemble modern-day snails (mollusks) and are distinguished by their spiral bodies. Orthoceras have a small body and a ‘toothlike’ beak, similar to modern-day squids. Trilobites’ rigid exoskeleton is separated into three different segments that fossilize nicely. These organisms that live on the ground are the ancestors of present insects, spiders, centipedes, lobsters, and crabs.

The Kem Kem Beds formation, located in south-eastern Morocco between Morocco and Algeria, is a famous archaeological site. In 1991, a sheepherder in the little desert settlement of Hassi Begaa discovered fish bones. This heightened interest in the region, leading to the finding of several dinosaur bones and even footprints. One of the most intriguing discoveries has been the Spinosaurus, the first known semi-aquatic dinosaur. It is said to be the biggest predatory dinosaur on the planet, much larger than a T-rex! Similar skeletons have been recovered in Egypt.

Where Can you Find and Buy Fossils in Morocco?

The finest area to find fossils in Morocco is in the town of Erfoud, which is located in the heart of the Ziz Oasis, close to the famed Erg Chebbi Desert. Tourists may experience the process of locating and extracting fossils firsthand by visiting the Museum of Fossils and Minerals or one of the area’s fossil factories.

For many decades, numerous Berber families from Erfoud and Midelt have been active in the mining and preservation of fossils. Hand-dug trenches are mined with shovels, picks, and chisels, marble rocks are retrieved, and rock pieces from fossils are hand micro-blasted. Other huge chunks of marble may be carved and polished to construct tables, fountains, soap dishes, bowls, pendants, and a variety of ornamental things. These artifacts may be found in Erfoud, as well as the souks of Marrakech and Fes. Large products, such as fountains, can be bought in Erfoud and transported anywhere in the globe.

Erfoud Fossils for Sale