Tours from Tangier. Customized group, private desert trips.

Tours From Tangier. Customized group, private desert trips.

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Tours from Tangier:

Tangier is one of the best destinations to visit in the country of Morocco. Therefore, our expert team has customized some tours that tourists usually book. Besides providing desert tours From Tangier, we also offer customized group and private desert trips. If you are willing to start your journey from Tangier, you should have a look a these tours down below. However, If they do not fit your needs, you can just contact us and customize your own itinerary.

Tours from Tangier. Customized group, private desert trips.

Customized tours from Tangier:

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2 days tour from Tangier to Chaouen

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Desert tours from Tangier's destinations:

Merzouga desert tours from Tangier
Tangier port and desert tours


Our desert tours from Tangier offer you the chance to visit the fascinating Tangier. The white city was and is one of the most important cities in Morocco. Because of its Strategy location, it played a big role in the world. Being a gate to three continents made of it a rich city with different visitors and traders from different places. Not to mention that the first properties of the USA were in Tangier.

In this destination, we will take you to visit the main places and spots. Firstly, like every city in Morocco, in Tangier, there is one of the best and tallest mosques. The Mosque is originally a Roman temple. In the 18th century, after the Portuguese conquest, it was turned to a church. After that, it faced many other conversions from church to mosque and vice versa. At last, it was set as a mosque and named the Grand Mosque of Tangier.

Morocco is the first country to recognize the USA as a nation and the first properties of this latter out of its land were in Morocco. As a result, they built the American Legation Museum. When you enter this amazing place it takes you back to the old times and gives you a foreign feeling.

Tangier is home to many other beautiful sites, our desert tours will take you to explore many other places such as Tangier’s famous Kasbah and the St Andrew’s Church.

Our desert tours from Tangier will take you to discover Chefchaouen :

With our desert tours from Tangier, get ready to discover one of the most beautiful and colorful cities in Morocco. Chefchaouen or the blue pearl is one of the most wanted attractions in our country. With its blue walls that reflect the diversity of Moroccan cultures and the city, Chaouen became an unmissed destination when booking Tangier desert tours. This city is said to be painted in blue to get rid of mosquitoes. Other people say that the Jewish Painted it in blue. Because the city was settled by the Jewish people and them the blue color represents heaven and gets them close to God.

In general, nowadays the locals of Chefchaouen are still repainting their walls in blue, and do that every one or two years in order to keep it attractive. Besides, when traveling to Chaouen many people fall in love with it and wish to have more time to explore every street. Some go hiking on the Rif mountains and enjoy the views from a different point.

desert tours from Tangier to hcefchaouen
tours from tangier to desert

Desert tours from Tangier across Fes

Fes the cultural city is one of the four Imperial cities in Morocco. Founded during the Idrisid dynasty in 789 by Idriss I. Fes is the oldest capital of Morocco and was home to many different civilizations. Each has left a deep influence on the city’s history and gave it a unique beauty.

Our desert tours from Tangier is your chance to see and discover many beautiful places. Usually, we start by visiting the old Madina with a local guide. Here, you will see different things from small souks to colorful narrow streets. After that, we head to discover Choura tannery, the oldest of all tanneries in Fes. Constructed in the 11th century in the oldest street in the city. Every tourist visiting Fes stop by this unique place where they make leather products. The amazing fact is that these locals are still using spices and other traditional ways to paint their products.

Another place that you should not miss is the old existing university in the world. Al-Qarawiyyin was built as a religious institution in 859. The Moroccans call it Madrassa which means school. This university was the educational center of all Muslim World. However, in a few years, they started to teach other subjects such as languages, French and English, besides many other scientific subjects. Both men and women were attending the courses that the Sheikhs provide. The important fact about this place is that it was built by a woman, which reflects the great values of this country, and the importance of women in our society.

In general, Fes offers many other beautiful attractions to visit and things to do. To discover more about them, contact our team to book your desert tours from Tangier!

private desert tours from Tangier to Meknes

Meknes is another Moroccan Imperial city that our customized desert tours from Tangier pass by. Although it is less visited by tourists, it has many beautiful places and spots that worth visiting. Taking the example of the famous gate of Bab Mansour, one of the largest doors in Morocco. Meknes was found by Almoravids who surrounded it by a great wall and designed it as a military settlement.

In Meknes, you will discover one of the longest and longest underground prisons, Qara Prison. It is said that it extends from Meknes to the city of Fes. The locals of the city say that who goes deep inside gets lost as the prison is designed in the shape of a maze.

Further, we take you on a visit to the second largest square in Morocco. Lhdim Square is a place where people gather to see different shows. You will see many different charmers and storytellers representing their shows. Not far from this latter we take you on a visit to the Shrij Souani. A lake in the center of the medina. Next to it, there is Lhri Swani, a place where they used to hide food and goods.

The second picture on the right is about the Roman ruins, Volubilis. This attraction is between Fes and Meknes, near the town of Moulay Zerhour. Also, the ruins were the administrative center of Mauretania. Though, it’s destroyed in the 18th century by the Lisbon earthquake. However, there are some of the buildings left and it’s protected by the UNESCO heritage.

the roman ruins
Ifrane is also a destination with our desert tours from tangier
barbary macaque monkeys

Our desert tours take you to visit Ifrane and the cedar forest.

On the way from Fes to the desert, we usually stop by Ifrane and the cedar forest. Firstly, we stop by the beautiful city of  Ifrane. The Switzerland of Morocco as many people like to call it is the first cleanest city in Africa and the eight in the world. Here, we take you on a walk to the Atlas lion statue. An old story says that it was built by a German prisoner. In the past when Morocco was under the french conquest, they made many military bases all over their zone. One of these bases was in Ifrane. During the war, the arrested a German Soldier. They asked him that if he does something special, he would be set free. As Morocco is famous for the Atlas Lions, he created a statue in its shape.

Moving to the cedar forest. One of the largest forest in the country that was home to many old Animals. Unfortunately, some of them have extinct. On our visit, take you on a walk through the forest. Besides, you will have a chance to feed the Barbary macaque.

Tangier desert tours take you to explore Merzouga desert.

One of the best things to do and see in Morocco is the Sahara desert. No one could deny that the Sahara desert is the highlight of all Morocco tours. With the arrival, you will feel the experience of another atmosphere. Usually, we arrive early in the evening in order not to miss the stunning desert sunset. We ride the desert ships, the camels, and head to the Berber camp through the golden dunes. On the way, we would make stops as much as we can to take pictures and enjoy the views.

Next, with the arrival at our well-equipped desert camp, the desert night starts. Firstly, you will be served a fresh cup of mint tea. After that, you have a free time to explore the desert yourself. In the tents, there is sandboarding that you can take and climb the dunes to do skiing.

When the night comes, you will be served a delicious Moroccan meal as dinner. At the same time, our team will be making fire and getting themselves ready to play drums and entertain you with the Berber music. Definitely, the desert night under the stars is a lifetime experience.

Erfoud desert famous famour the fossils

Visit Erfoud and Rissani :

Erfoud and Rissani are the two main cities in the Southeast of Morocco that you will visit with our tours from Tangier. Therefore, depending on how long is your tour, you could have the chance to pass by these two cities. Firstly, there is Erfoud, about 60 km from the Sahara desert. This city is home to many fossil workers that our desert tours from Tangier will take you to visit. Furthermore, every year in Erfoud they organize a festival of dates. People from all over the world attend it to show and sell different types of dates.

Rissani or Tafilalt, one of the oldest cities in the Southeast of Morocco. Moreover, it played a really important role in the past as being a starting and ending point for many traders. Taking the example of the traders heading to Tombouctou. In this city lies the biggest traditional Souk in the area. Join our Tangier desert tours and discover it yourself.

With Tangier desert tours you will discover different valleys :

Morocco is a country of prosperity with many valleys offering different products. Therefore, with our desert tours from Tangier, we offer you trips across most of them.

Ziz valley: It’s located next to Erfoud city and seen as the biggest source of dates fruits in the country. Also, with thousands of palm trees, the view of this valley is just fascinating. Moreover, the river gets the water from the dam of Errachidia, and that water is originally from the Atlas mountains. Not to mention, the river also has another name, people from the nearby town of Awfous call it Ait Chaker.

Ourika Valley:  It’s about 40 km, 24 miles from the red city of Marrakech. It’s an attraction where people from there come to relax and avoid the city noise. Moreover, usually, people come here for the weekends and they go camping.

Todgha and Gorges valley: Todgha valley is famous for the canyons and also some historical Kasbahs. Also, the canyons are about 300 meters height and it’s an attraction to spend the day under the rocks. 

The valley of Dades is where you can spend the night coming from Marrakech to Merzouga or reverse. Also, it’s where the curves of Tissdrine where Cadillac, the car, could break the record of climbing up and down 3 times in 3:19 secs. 

group and private desert tours from tangier across ziz valley
desert tours from tangier across ouarzazate

With our tours from Tangier, you will explore Ouarzazate.

Not only our tours from Tangier will take you to visit Ouarzazate, but Also our tours from Marrakech Casablanca, and Fes. Therefore, get ready to travel to Morocco and discover the city of cinema Ouarzazate, Ouallywood. This city is named after two words in Berber, Ouar which means without and Zazate, noise. It attracts many movie producers because of the Kasbahs around. For instance, The kasbah of Taourirt, it’s in the same city, and the Kasbah of Ait Benhaddou, about 30km away from Ouarzazate. 

The Atlas cinema studios are also an attraction for the producers, it’s where they make movies and where they lend it to shoot others in other places. Not to mention, there is a small international airport there. It’s not fair for actors and directors to drive 4h across the curves of the High Atlas Mountains. 

Furthermore, Ouarzazate has the name of the gate to the Sahara. Then, the government built the biggest solar station there. A picture is attached. 

One of the Kasbahs you will explore with our tours from Tangier:

Morocco is full of Kasbah. However, the Kasbah of Ait Benhaddou is the biggest and the most visited. To start with, The Kasbah is coming from the word Kasab, which means Bamboo in Arabic, and the roofs of the Kasbah are built with it. So, they don’t call it a Palace like the kings. The Kasbah was built by the Glawi family in 11th, and this was during the Almoravid dynasty. Moreover, the entry to the Kasbah is free.

The Kasbah is famous for the Touaregs who used to travel from Tombouctou to Morocco in 52 days. Here, they traded salt and other goods. 

Moreover, the Kasbah is famous for many parts of movies that were made here. 

Firstly, The Gladiator: This American-British movie is one of the famous and the main movie that was made here. Watch a small part of the movie that was made in the Kasbah here on Youtube.

Secondly, Lawrence of Arabia: This movie dramatic and it was made in 1962 by the British. The Kasbah is also famous for this great movie.

Thirdly, Kingdom of Heaven: it was made in 2005, many locals were lucky to participate and help in the movie. However, they made only a small part of it here. 

Fourthly, The Mummy: many people think that the part of the desert they made in the movie was in Egypt, but actually was made in Merzouga and Ait Benhaddou. 

desert tours from tangier to ait benhaddou
Kasbah of Ait benhaddou
the high atlas mountains

Desert tours from Tangier across the high and the middle atlas mountains.

To cross from the west of Morocco to the Sahara desert, we will drive through the high and middle atlas mountains. 

The high Atlas Mountains: These mountains are famous for the highest point, it’s in Toubkal about 4,167 meters.  When coming from Marrakech, the fastest route to pass by is through the high atlas mountains. There, on the road, it reaches about 2260 meters. Also, coming from Fes, with our Morocco desert toursyou will be passing through these high atlas mountains, but not as much as traveling from Marrakech. 

The Middle Atlas Mountains: These mountains are famous for the city of apples, Midelt. Also, people of Morocco on the weekends during the snowy season, they come here to sky. 

Desert tours to Zagora from Tangier

With our tours from Tangier, you will not only visit the desert of Merzouga but also of Zagora. Therefore, you are able to book a grand tour from Tangier to the desert of Zagora. Here, you can do the camel ride and also go camping in Berber tents. However, many tourists get disappointed when going there because they expect the Sand dunes. Camping and camel trekking are better at the Erg Dunes of Merzouga Erg Chebbi.

At Zagora desert, there are many nomads around who have female camels with babies, and they milk them. Then, they sell it to many locals and tourists because it’s good for health.

On the way to Zagora, there is the biggest valley of dates palm trees, it’s where the most of dates fruits come from in Morocco. 

desert of Zagora from Tangier

Marrakech is a must-visit city with our Tangier desert tours.

Some of our tours from Tangier end at the touristic city Marrakech. Here, most of the tourists start or finish there tour. Also, Marrakech is the biggest city in Morocco that gets the most tourists. Moreover, it’s the fourth biggest city in Morocco.

Marrakech or Amurakuc is a Berber word that means the Land of God. Also, it is one of Morocco’s imperial cities. That is to say, it was a capital city during the power of the Almoravid dynasty. Marrakech is full of attractions that tourists like to discover. 

Firstly, The Majorelle garden: This garden has been named after the French artist Jhon Jack Majorelle. It took this artist about 40 years to complete it, he started since 1923. After that, the two artists  Yves Saint-Laurent and Pierre Bergé came to make some maintenance and open it for the public with an entrance fee.

Secondly, The Menara Garden: This garden is southwest of Marrakech, it was built in the 12th century, and it’s a Menara with a pool in front of it. Also, the name Menara means lighthouse.

Thirdly, Koutoubia mosque: as known, the mosque is where Muslims worship Allah. This one is the biggest and tallest in Morocco, it’s near the square of Jamaa El fan. Even it’s forbidden for none Muslims to enter it, it’s an attraction to take pictures from the outside.

Fourthly, Jamaa El Fna: It’s considered the main attraction to visit here. Therefore, you can’t go to Marrakech without visiting it. Here, people shop and entertain tourists, it’s where the monkey’s charmers, the monkeys, and other animals. 

Private and group desert tours from Tangier to Essaouira

Essaouira, the city of the wind and Mogador of Morocco. It’s on the coast. Therefore, this small city is famous for its seafood. There are many things to do here. To start with, many people come to visit the city for its old part or old Medina. Also, it’s famous for its ports, the Sqala port, and Citadel port. 

private desert trips from Tangier

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FAQ about Tangier desert tours

🌟 How can I book my Tangier desert tours with this travel agency?

To book this desert tours from Tangier, simply contact us via our Contact form or Whatsaap. Then, customize your tour itinerary.

🌟 How to confirm your Tangier desert tours?

To confirm your Tangier desert tours or group desert tour, simply send us a deposit of 100 EUR via Paypal or Western Union. 

🌟 What are Tangier desert tours Highlights?

The Highlights of desert tours from Tangier are:

  • Chaouen, the blue city.
  • Fes, the cultural city.
  • Camel trekking in Merzouga.
  • Camping at Erg Chebbi Sand dunes.
  • Canyons of Todgha Gorges.
  • Ait Benhaddou Kasbah.
  • Marrakech, the red city.

To discover more, visit this page.

🌟 How far is Tangier from Chefchaouen?

Driving from Tangier to Chefchaouen is about 3h. However, there is another road that will take you more than 4h.

🌟 Where do our desert tours from Tangier usually end?

Our desert tours from Tangier usually end at the same starting point. However, you can end your trip wherever you want.

🌟 How many days are enough to visit Morocco from Tangier?

For the grand tour, 15 days tour in Morocco from Tangier is enough to discover Morocco.

🌟 How can I visit Chefchaouen with tours from Tangier?

Book one of our Tangier desert tours here, and plan your itinerary to Chefchaouen with us.

🌟 Can I book only transportation with touring in Morocco from Tangier?

With touring in Morocco desert tours from Tangier, you are able to book only transportation. Click here to contact us.