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Tours From Marrakech. Customized group, private desert trips.

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Desert tours from Marrakech:

Tours from Marrakech are the most booked tours. It is to say that every tourist traveling to Morocco do not miss visiting Marrakech. Therefore, our job as a Morocco tours travel agency is to provide you with the best Customized group and private desert tours from Marrakech. With years of experience, our team has come up with a number of tour itineraries that tourists usually book. As the Sahara desert is seen as the highlight of all Morocco tours, we tried to include it in most of our customized trips.

desert tours from Marrakech

Customized desert tours from Marrakech:

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Customized group and private trips, Zagora Morocco tours from Marrakech
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2 days desert tour from Marrakech to Zagora

Group and private desert tours from Marrakech for 2 days.

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Marrakech 3 day(days) itinerary
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3 days desert tour from Marrakech

Group and private desert tours from Marrakech for 3 days.

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3 days tour from Marrakech to Fes via desert
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3 days desert tour from Marrakech to Fes

Group and private desert trips from Marrakech to fes for 3 days.

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4 days tour from Marrakech to Fes itinerary
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4 days desert tour from Marrakech to fes

Group and private desert tours from Marrakech for 4 days.

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marrakech itinerary 4 days, 4 days desert, group and private tour from Marrakech to Merzouga
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4 days desert tour from Marrakech

Group and private desert tours from Marrakech for 4 days.

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group and private desert trips from Marrakech, attractions to visit when marrakech 5 days itinerary
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5 days desert tour from Marrakech

Group and private desert tours from Marrakech for 5 days.

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5 days desert tour from Marrakech to Fes/Touring In Morocco.
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5 days desert tour from Marrakech to Fes

Group and private desert trips from Marrakech to Fes for 5 days.

Desert tours from Marrakech's Highlights:

Tours From Marrakech. Customized group, private desert trips.

Visit Merzouga, the Sahara desert:

The Sahara desert is sure the highlight of our customized group and private tours from Marrakech. When arriving in the desert of Merzouga, you will be experiencing another atmosphere. Usually, we arrive in the evening in order not to miss the stunning sunset. We take the camel a drive across the golden dunes. The view is just outstanding, watching the color of the Sahara changing on the back of a camel. Our camel men will make sure that you will experience the best camel ride. Also they will take you memorable pictures on the way to the camp.

The desert night starts with your arrival at the camp. Firstly, our camp team will welcome you and serve you a cup of Berber whiskey (mint tea). You will have some time to enjoy yourself with the amazing view of the Sahara desert. Secondly, when the night arrives, you will enjoy a traditional Moroccan meal as dinner. At the same time our camel men will be making fire and prepare their drums. After dinner, you go out next to the campfire and the music starts.

Walk around Marrakech:

The word Marrakech came from the Berber language ( Amor N Okoch) and it means the Land of god.

In general the red city is one of the most beautiful cities in Morocco. This imperial city has a lot of things to offer. Usually, when tourists visit Marrakech, they start by the famous square of Jamaa el Fna. A unique place where most of the people gather to show their skills, tell stories, and sell their products. However, if you want to have the best views, you will need to go upstairs and enjoy a cup of mint tea on a rooftop. The views are really unique and worth it. Next to the square lies another famous landmark. Koutoubia is the largest mosque in Marrakech and seen as one of the city’s unique minarets. Moreover, the red city has many other sites to visit such the Majorelle and Menara gardens besides to the Saadien’s Tombs and King’s palace.

Tours from Marrakech-Customized group, private desert trips
Atlas mountains

With Our desert tours from Marrakech you will visit the Atlas Mountains:

With our desert private or group tours from Marrakech, you will have the chance to pass by one of the famous mountain ranges in the world. Usually, when booking our customized trips, we pass by the High Atlas mountains and Tizi Ntichka pass. This latter is one of the longest curved roads in the kingdom. Here, we pass by many small Berber villages that are built in the mountains. However, we often stop by the cooperatives of the Argan oil where a lot of women gather to produce cosmetic products. Further, we stop by the highest point of the pass(2260 m), where you will get to see the road curves and take pictures. However, if you book a tour that ends in Fes, you will have the chance to visit the Middle Atlas Mountains.

Discover the Kasbah of Ait Benhaddou:

With our customized group and private tours from Marrakech, you will have the opportunity to visit many fortified villages. In fact, Ait Benhaddou is the most visited fortress in the country. This beautiful village is located in the Southeast of Morocco between the Sahara desert and Marrakech. Many consider it as half stop to relax and enjoy its beauty. Our trips lead you in a walk crossing its river and upstairs to see the village from the top. Besides, Ait Benhaddou is one of the 12 Unesco world heritage sites that Morocco has. In general, this fortified village is not only a tourist destination but also for movie directors and producers. Movies like Gladiator and Lawrence Of Arabia, were shot there.

Tours From Marrakech. Customized group, private desert trips.
Tours From Marrakech. Customized group, private desert trips.


Ouarzazate means city without noise and it’s the gate to the Sahara. The Ouallywood of Morocco is another destination that our desert tours from Marrakech offer you the chance to visit. In general, this city is one of the important cities in the country because there is the biggest station of solar energy in the world. Moreover, there are many Atlas studios where they made many parts of movies. For instance, they shot some parts of Game of Thrones and Prison Break. Not to mention, there is also an international airport that was built for the actors. Furthermore, next to this unique destination there is another famous kasbah that is called Taourert.

With our Marrakech desert tours you will explore different Valleys:

Morocco is a beautiful country full of diversity and prosperity. Our desert tours from Marrakech will take you to the best valleys and palm rivers. Firstly, there is the valley of Ounila that extends from the kasbah of Telouet to Ait Benhaddou and is famous for producing pomegranate. However, the longest is Daraa valley that is about 1,100 kilometers from Ouarzazate to Tagounite. Moreover, driving on the way, our trips will lead you through different small and huge valleys. For instance, there is the Ziz valley that is located next to Errachidia. This latter gives the area a huge amount of dates that it became the biggest source of dates in Morocco. Every year, Erfoud organizes an international festival of dates where people from all over the gather. Here, people bring many kinds of dates from around Morocco and other countries.

Tours From Marrakech. Customized group, private desert trips.​

With tours from Marrakech, you will experience the desert trip:

The desert trip is the most beloved thing about tours from Marrakech. Because it allows you to discover the simple real-life of Moroccans. In general, you can do the desert trip by camels or by a 4×4 car depending on what you choose.

Usually, tourists choose the 4×4 trip in order to discover more places. However, there other tourists who want adventure and take the camels. Above all, as the 4×4 tour is the most booked, we will explain about this latter. Usually, it starts with picking you from the camp or the hotel heading to the Berber nomads. Undoubtedly, you will be amazed by the simple life and innocence of these people that still live under tents. If you got the chance you will see their herd that often consist of goats and sheep. Many tourists fall in love with the goats and sheep babies. Some Beber Nomads have 7 to 10 children and others consist of more than one wife.

After discovering the Nomads, we head to M’ifiss to explore its mine of kohl passing many panoramic views. This mine of kohl was colonized and used by the France empire. When France left, the mine was closed for a period of time and then some people from the area opened it. Next to this place, we will go to visit a Berber cemetery. The amazing fact about this place is that you can know whether a top is for a female or a male from the first sight. If the rocks that surround the tomb are face to face that means that the tomb is for a male. If the tomb rocks are set differently, that means it is a woman. After a quiet stay, we will head to experience another lifestyle, the Gnawa style.

With our desert tours from Marrakech, you will explore Erfoud and Rissani:

With our private and group tours from Marrakech, we will take you to the two main desert cities in the south of Morocco. Firstly, we usually start by visiting Rissani, a city that was a starting point for Tomboctou caravans in the past. In this city you will go on a visit to the traditional souks. Many years ago Rissani was the ultimate city where people head every Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday to buy their necessities.

Erfoud is another desert city that we usually pass by. Moreover, every year people organize an international festival of dates with the attendance of many people around the world. Besides, Erfoud is the place where they produce many different kinds of fossils.

Tours From Marrakech. Customized group, private desert trips.

Have a look at the cedar forest and a walk in Ifrane:

Touring In Morocco’s tours from Marrakech will take you to visit one of the oldest forests in Morocco. The cedar trees that are more than 400 years were a homeland to many different animals in the past. Unfortunately, most of them have extinct. Now, it is a homeland to the Barbary macaques. In general, we usually stop by this place to enjoy the views and feed the macaque apes.

Another destination that we visit is Ifrane. The cleanest city in Africa and the eight in the world is sure worth the visit. Here, we will take you to discover the famous Atlas lion statue. Many people say that it was constructed by a German prisoner. When France colonized Morocco, they set many military bases in different places around the country, so one of them was set in Ifrane. Once, they arrested a German prisoner. In order to set him free, they asked him to do something that worth to let him out. So, he constructed the Atlas lion statue and got his freedom.

With our desert tours from Marrakech, we will discover Fes:

Fes, the cultural city of Morocco is where most of our desert tours from Marrakech ends. This imperial city has become an unmissed destination in the last years. With our trips, you will get to visit many different and unique places in this city. Firstly, we take you on a visit to Chouara tannery, the biggest in Fes. It was built in the 11th century in the oldest medina quarter in Fes. In general, the Chaoura tannery is where they make leather products. Even more, some of these products are being exported outside of Morocco. What makes them unique is that being handmade and painted naturally with spices and other natural products.

The Madrasa Bou Inania is one of the oldest educational institutions that played a big role in the city’s history. Firstly, it was built for educational purposes in general. After that, it was turned to be used for religious education. What makes this place is being open for people all over the world, regardless of their entity or background. When you enter it, you will discover the beauty of the Moroccan architecture. Another place that we will visit is the oldest university in the world according to Unesco, the Al Qarawiyyin University. In fact, this latter was built by a woman, Fatima Al Fihri also known as « Umm al-Banayn ». Some of the other places that we will explore are the old Medina of Fes and the main entrance gate, Bab Boujloud. Besides to Fes Eljdid, Zaouia Moulay Idriss 2 and much more

Tours From Marrakech. Customized group, private desert trips.

Explore Meknes:

Our desert tours from Marrakech will take you to visit one of the oldest cities in Morocco. Meknes was pronounced the capital of Morocco in the 17th century. This city has a number of unique places and spots to visit. Firstly, there is the famous square of Lhdim, a small place that is similar to Jamaa el Fna. Here, we take you on a walk through the different spots of the square and discover the storytellers, snake charmers, and many more. Furthermore, not far from the square, we will go on a visit to the biggest gate in Meknes, Bab Mansour. Next, we take you to Lhri and Shrij Soani. These two spots are set in the middle of the city. Therefore, we will have to take the car and drive through the old Medina.

Firstly, we will arrive at the lake of Shrij Souani. Many say that in this place there was a king family and the king was in deep love with his wife. Once she told him that she wants to live in a place where there is a beach(ocean) and can enjoy the views as they are living far from it. So he ordered to construct the lake of Shrij as a gift to her.

Secondly, we will head to one of the unique prisons in Morocco. Qara prison is located next to the Lhdim Square and Bab Mansour. In general, it is said that this prison goes under-ground from Meknes to Fes. It is in the shape of a maze and the ones who enter it get lost.
Finally, we will take you to visit many other places such as the old educational institutions, the Museums that reflect the striking history of this city and much more.

Discover the blue city with our Marrakech desert tours:

Chefchaouen or Chaouen is one of the most colorful destinations in Morocco. With its blue painted walls, this pearl became one of the most visited places in the last years. If you are seeking for the best example of Moroccan beauty, you must go and visit Chefchaouen. 

The reason why this city is in blue is divided into two main Hypothesis. On the first hand, some people say that it is just to get rid of mosquitoes. On the other hand, some say that the Jewish painted it in blue because for them the blue represents the sky which makes them close to God. 

In general, the city offers many beautiful spots to visit and discover. if you are a photographer or a picture lover, Chefchaouen is your destination.


Marrakech desert tours

Explore Tangier:

Our desert tours from Marrakech is your chance to discover the beautiful Tangier. The North bride as many Moroccans like to call it is one of the best destinations to visit. 

Tangier played a big role not only in Morocco but all over the world. Being a gate and a trending point made of it a historical city. With this in mind, Tangier became a must-do stop for most sailors. The diversity of the coming cultures helped in enriching the city culturally. Not to mention that the first property of the USA was built in Tangier.

With our tours, you will have the chance to discover the main places in Tangier. Taking the example of the Grand Mosque that was at first a Roman temple, before becoming a church with the Portuguese conquest. After that, it faced many transformations from A church to a mosque and vice versa.

Join our desert tours and enjoy visiting Casablanca:

With our desert tours, you will be experiencing the economical capital of Morocco. Casablanca is in Spanish and it means the white house.  As every city in Morocco, Casablanca is originally Berber and it was called Anfa. It is seen as the largest city in Morocco and the center of the Moroccan economy.

Touring In Morocco offers you the chance to visit the main places and spots including Hassan 2 Mosque. One of the largest mosques in the world. Part of it is built on the ocean. Also, we take you to visit the Judaism Museum. Here, you will see different paintings and exhibition that represents the Jewish civilization in the history of Morocco. 


desert tours from Marrakech

FAQ about Marrakech desert tours:

🌟 How can you book a Desert tour from Marrakech?

All you have to do to book your customized, group or private desert tours from Marrakech is just contacting us!

🌟 How can you confirm your Marrakech desert tours?

To confirm your Marrakech private or group desert tours,you will need to send us a deposit starting from 100 EUR.

🌟 What are Highlights of Marrakech desert tours?

The Highlights of Marrakech desert tours:

  • The Atlas Mountains.
  • Ziz, Draa valleys.
  • Camel rides in Merzouga and Zagora desert.
  • Glamping and the desert tour in Erg Chebbi.
  • Todgha Gorges.
  • Ifrane.
  • Fes.

Discover More.

🌟 How far is the desert from Marrakech?

There are two main deserts where you can enjoy the views, do glamping and the camel ride. Firstly, there Merzouga desert and it is about 560 km. Secondly, there is Zagora desert and it about 353 km. However, Merzouga desert is highly recommended between the two.

🌟 Where do desert tours from Marrakech usually end?

Marrakech desert tours usually end in Fes. However, sometimes tourists book tours from and back to Marrakech. With our travel agency, you can end your trip wherever you want. Book your tour now!

🌟 How many days are enough for Touring Marrakech?

Above all two to three days are enough to visit Marrakech and its main landmarks. Contact us for more information!

🌟 Do desert tours from Marrakech include Camel trekking?

With Touring In Morocco travel agency, the camel trekking and glamping are included in the desert.

🌟 What are the best tours to book from Marrakech?

There are several tours that you can book from Marrakech, yet the 3 days to Fes or back to Marrakech are the most booked ones.