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Morocco Jewish Heritage Tours, The Best 12 Days Itinerary

Customize Your Morocco Jewish Heritage Tour

Touring In Morocco made these tours of Morocco’s Jewish Heritage so that people could learn about the rich Jewish history and culture that can be found in different parts of this North African country. As their home country, Morocco is important to many Jews. About a million of them now live in Israel. See all of Morocco on this tour of Jewish history. Go from the Atlas Mountains to the Sahara Desert and from the city of Medinas to the Jewish towns in the country.

It gives you the chance to see important parts of Jewish culture, like the graves of great Jews, beautiful buildings, and the old Mellah areas. Besides visits to the fascinating Museum of Moroccan Judaism in Casablanca and the stunning Adobe Synagogue of Arazan in Taroudant. These things are all part of your 12-day trip to Morocco as a Jew. On this trip, we will go to the following places:

Casablanca, the start of our Morocco Jewish Heritage tours

The beautiful Mosque of Hassan II in Casablanca will be the first place you visit on your Morocco Jewish heritage tours. The beautiful work that can be seen in Morocco is perfectly shown by this mosque.

You will also go to the synagogues of Beth-El, Temple Em Habanim, and Temple Neve Shalom while you are in Casablanca. This part of your trip is very important. Then you’ll visit the Museum of Moroccan Judaism, which is the only place in the Arab world of its kind.

Rabat, the gem of our jewish heritage tours in Morocco

When you arrive in Rabat, your first stop will be the Jewish Mellah, an area of the city where a few Jewish families still live. This will give you a sense of both modern and traditional Jewish life in the capital city. After, you will have the chance to be shown around the Chellah Kasbah and learn about its Jewish history.

Meknes, an essential stop of our Morocco Jewish heritage tours