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Hot Air Balloon in Marrakech, location, and prices

Hot Air Balloon in Marrakech, location, and prices

A hot air balloon ride in Marrakech is surely one of the most memorable experiences during a stay in the famous red city. Admiring the city’s surroundings and the Atlas Mountains from the sky, and during the sunrise, is a … Read More

Is Morocco open for tourism?

Is Morocco open for tourism?

After two months of closure, Morocco had to open its borders for tourism on February 7, 2022. For the occasion, the government has concocted a new protocol published on Tuesday, February 1. For the time being, people entering Morocco by … Read More

Moroccan Flag

Moroccan flag meaning, colors, and history

During the twentieth century, while Morocco was under the dominion of France and Spain, native flag traditions were curtailed and even banned entirely. On November 17, 1915, the French made a change to the basic red flag that had been … Read More

Tetouan in Morocco, things to do and see

Tetouan in Morocco, things to do and see

Tetouan, often written Tetuán, is a Moroccan city located in north-central Morocco. There are 7 miles (11 kilometers) between it and the Mediterranean Sea, which is along the Martil River (Wadi Martil). The origin of the word comes from the … Read More

How many days do you need to see Morocco

How many days do you need to see Morocco?

Many people ask the question; How many days do you need to see Morocco? the answer is simple, to fully discover Morocco, you will need more than a month. However, if you only want to visit the highlights, it can … Read More

Easter in Morocco

Easter in Morocco, the perfect itinerary!

Every year, Easter is a religious occasion that is eagerly awaited. Everyone starts planning how they are going to spend this delightful and almost magical time. Usually, someone is at home with his family, another one is with his friends, … Read More

Museums in Morocco

Museums in Morocco, Top 10 best ones

Are you planning on visiting Morocco soon and discovering its remarkable museums? You have come to the right path! Contact us to customize your own itinerary now! Morocco is a wonderful place to visit if you like culture. There’s always … Read More

Cats and dogs of Morocco

Cats and dogs of Morocco

Cats and dogs of Morocco, things to know When I do travel photography in a particular place, I find it intriguing to document the lives of all its inhabitants, not just the people. As in several countries (especially in the … Read More

Facts about animals, camels

Interesting facts about camels you never knew

Top facts you shoud know about camels: Camels are one of the most unique creatures to ever walk the earth. With their graceful strides and long eyelashes, it’s hard not to appreciate them for what they are: beautiful animals with … Read More

dakhla in Morocco

Dakhla in Morocco, top things to do

Introduction: The city of Dakhla is situated in Western Sahara, a disputed region of the globe. There has long been debate about whether it belongs to Morocco or should be considered an autonomous nation. When I go, my purpose is … Read More

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