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Lake Dayet Srij, Merzouga

Lake of Dayet Srij, hidden gems of Merzouga desert

Lake Dayet Srij, also known as Lake Merzouga, situated west of the town, used to be a salt lake but no longer is due to water released from the dam Errachidia and water coming into the lake when it rains … Read More

Do's & Don'ts in Morocco

Do’s & Don’ts in Morocco – Top Conduct Rules

Morocco is a safe place to visit. As a tourist, you are unlikely to find yourself in a perilous scenario. The natives are used to tourists and are open and pleasant; the most you risk is losing your wallet. Scams, … Read More

Berbers of Morocco

Berbers, discover their history and flag meaning

The history of the Berbers of North Africa is very vast and very rich. It is also an origin which, to this day, remains unknown, thus, the origin of the Berber people remains still and well uncertain. The culture of … Read More

Asilah top things to see and do

Asilah: 10 best things to see and do

Asilah is a fortified small town on Morocco’s northwest Atlantic coast, some 31 kilometers (19 miles) south of Tangier. Its ramparts and gate works are still completely intact.Many armies and regions passed through this town, beginning with the Phoenicians and … Read More

mohammedia in Morocco top things to do and see

Mohammedia: Best 10 things to do

Mohammedia is a city in Morocco’s Casablanca-Settat region. It is highly worth a visit because it has several prominent sites such as Mohammedia, Mohammedia Kasbah, and Amber Gallery. Have you ever been to a new place and thought, “Wow!” It … Read More

The desert dunes of Erg Chigaga

Erg Chigaga desert

Any forum will tell you that there are two spots in Morocco where you can genuinely spend a night in the desert: the dunes of Erg Chebbi and the dunes of Erg Chigaga desert, both of which require an 8-10-hour … Read More

Erfoud city

Erfoud city, where to stay and what to do

The city of Erfoud is located in southern Morocco in the valley of the Ziz river, which rises in the middle Atlas mountains and empties into the Merzouga desert creating the Tafilalet palm groves. These same palm groves are bordered by a wide … Read More

Qara prison in Meknes

Qara prison in Meknes

During the reign of Sultan Moulay Ismael, the Qara prison in Meknes was established. A subterranean maze filled with stories, anecdotes, and even myths… How many legends surround the story of Qara’s captivity? The location, in the center of Meknes, … Read More

Tipping in Morocco

Tipping in Morocco

Are you traveling to Morocco for business or pleasure? Read our guide about tipping in Morocco to learn when and how much to leave. Then, using our helpful tip calculator, you can prevent any tipping blunders. Is tipping common in … Read More

Fes El Bali blue gate

Fes El Bali old Medina

Morocco’s cultural capital is unlike any other place on Earth. Morocco is home to four imperial cities, Fes El Bali was established in 789 by Idris I, making it the oldest of the group. Its ascent to power, however, did … Read More

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