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Cats and dogs of Morocco

Cats and dogs of Morocco

Cats and dogs of Morocco, things to know When I do travel photography in a particular place, I find it intriguing to document the lives of all its inhabitants, not just the people. As in several countries (especially in the … Read More

Facts about animals, camels

Interesting facts about camels you never knew

Top facts you shoud know about camels: Camels are one of the most unique creatures to ever walk the earth. With their graceful strides and long eyelashes, it’s hard not to appreciate them for what they are: beautiful animals with … Read More

dakhla in Morocco

Dakhla in Morocco, top things to do

Introduction: The city of Dakhla is situated in Western Sahara, a disputed region of the globe. There has long been debate about whether it belongs to Morocco or should be considered an autonomous nation. When I go, my purpose is … Read More

Best instagram places in Morocco

Unique places in Morocco for Instagram shots

Morocco is a combination of oriental color, bright markets, and aromas of spices. It is also one of the most photogenic countries in the world. So, after your tour to the African kingdom, take home some of your memories captured … Read More

goats on trees in Morocco

Goats on trees in Morocco!

Tourists visiting Sous Valley often see goats on trees in Morocco which is a very unusual and amusing sight. The branches and trunks of rather tall trees are not birds, but goats. Few people are left indifferent and unimpressed by … Read More

landmarks of Morocco

Landmarks of Morocco, top 15 visited attractions

The landmarks of Morocco spread through the kingdom, the top best places and visited attractions in Morocco are a must-visit. The North African country is a treasure mine of intriguing culture, breathtaking natural beauty, and genuine views that are hard … Read More

ATV quad biking in Merzouga

ATV quad biking in Merzouga, Morocco

Touring In Morocco offers you the opportunity to rent a quad in Merzouga. It provides quad rides in the Erg Chebbi desert to put you even closer to the desert and give you complete control over your trip. Feel the rush … Read More

Gay Morocco tour

Gay Morocco tour

Morocco is a magnificent location of sand dunes, beaches, busy marketplaces, resort towns, and jaw-dropping mountains. It is located less than 15 kilometers south of Europe, across the Strait of Gibraltar. It is a gorgeous country that engages all of … Read More

What to wear in Morocco as a woman and man?

What to wear in Morocco as a woman and man?

To know what to wear in Morocco as a woman and man, it is important to first take into consideration the climate. If you go in winter, make no mistake: it is quite cold (remember that the country is close … Read More

Fun facts about Morocco

Facts about Morocco

Fun & interesting facts about Morocco: Morocco is a sovereign nation in North Africa. it was also the cultural capital of the medieval Islamic world, with Islamic academics from all across the Arab world congregating here to debate religion and … Read More