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Christmas and the new year in Morocco

Christmas and new year in Morocco

If you love reading Oriental fairy tales as a child, you should go to Morocco. This country is reminiscent, from the moment you step into it, of the illustrations of old Berber-Arabian books. With oriental beauties, minarets pointing skyward, the … Read More

Moroccan Arabic phrases, Moroccan flag

Moroccan Arabic phrases and common sentences

Morocco is a country with great diversity at all levels. The official languages of Morocco are Arabic, which is spoken by the majority of the citizens, and Tamazight, the language of the country’s indigenous people. The latter is spoken mostly … Read More

Honeymoon in Morocco

Morocco honeymoon packages, resorts, and more

Honeymoon in Morocco: When most couples envision their honeymoon, they imagine white beaches with palm trees sloping into the water and cute thatched bungalows right on the beach. We want to break free from this stereotype and invite you to … Read More

what to buy in Morocco

What to buy in Morocco

All you need to know about what to buy in Morocco: Morocco, among other things, is known for being a shopper’s paradise, making anyone lose their mind while discovering its wonderful souks. However, since it is possible to find almost … Read More

festivals and celebrations in Morocco

Festivals & celebrations in Morocco

Festivals and celebrations in Morocco, whether it’s a question of Muslim religious festivities, national celebrations, or Western inspiration… These are all cultural events that encourage one to immerse oneself in the culture and tradition of Arab-Muslim countries. We find common … Read More

Fes in Morocco

Fes in Morocco, top things to do, see, and more

Fes, the emblematic region of Morocco, has plenty of things to do and see. This isn’t a new phenomenon. It has been declared official capital on several occasions since its founding in 789, mostly during the Middle Ages and the … Read More

Solo female travel to Morocco

Solo female travel to Morocco, is it safe?

Solo female travel to Morocco: What’s it really like? Solo female travel to Morocco, that means grabbing, whistling, and harassment? Absolute nonsense, if you ask us!  If you want to travel as a woman in Morocco, whether alone or in … Read More

Hassan II mosque, one of the top things to do in casablanca is to visit here

Things to do in Casablanca

There’s so much to do and see in this city of Casablanca, Morocco today, separated into Old Medina and New Medina. The medina is still growing and characterized as a vibrant hub of diverse shops, complex architecture, kaleidoscopic markets and … Read More

Beaches in Morocco, top 20 best ones 20

Beaches in Morocco, top 20 best ones

With nearly 3,500 kilometers of coastline, Morocco clearly has no shortage of beautiful beaches, whether deserted or popular, whether you enjoy diving, water sports, or simply lazing around. The following is a list of the top 20 beaches in Morocco. … Read More

Moroccan couscous

Moroccan Couscous, recipe, style, and history

Is Couscous Moroccan only? Who invented it? The couscous is not just Moroccan, but one of the emblematic dishes of the Maghreb countries. It is composed of several foods: hard wheat semolina, meat or fish, vegetables, and spices. An oriental … Read More

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