Sunset & Sunrise Camel Ride in Merzouga Desert

People come from all over the world to see the beautiful Erg Chebbi Sand Dunes. In this desert spot, you can see the beautiful Erg Chebbi and learn about the rich Berber culture. A great trip is to ride camels across the golden sand dunes. In Merzouga, the sand dunes are very big. They can be up to 150 meters high. Yes, it is a great place to relax. People who come to Merzouga can ride a camel at sunrise or sunset to get great views of the whole desert while being in touch with nature. In the middle of nowhere, Merzouga holds a lot of magic and a beautiful charm that will take your breath away.

Sunset & Sunrise Camel Ride Experiences in Merzouga

Sunset & Sunrise Camel Ride Experiences in Merzouga

First-Time Riders

If you’ve never been riding before, a camel ride at sunrise or sunset in Merzouga is a great way to do it. This is a fun and easy way to try camel riding in Morocco. Professional guides are easy to find and can show first-timers the right way to ride and handle camels safely. They will make sure that the whole trip is safe and comfortable for them. Also, this workout is good for people of all ages and fitness levels, so anyone can do it.

People with young children can go on this one-of-a-kind journey without thinking about their safety or how hard it is. Because riding a camel in Merzouga is easy for everyone, everyone can make memories while exploring the beautiful desert on top of these amazing animals.

Seasonal Variations for Merzouga Sunset or Sunrise Camel Ride

You can see how the desert changes with the seasons when you ride a camel in Merzouga. People can see the weather change with the seasons, and each season has its own charm. The best times to go camel riding are in the spring and fall when the weather is nice. Riders can enjoy the cool air while taking in the beautiful scenery.

While it may get very hot in Merzouga during the summer, taking a camel ride in the morning or at sunset can be very helpful because guests can see beautiful views. It gets cooler in the winter, and the desert has a different mood. This gives people a new way to see this interesting place.

Cultural Immersion

People can do two things in Merzouga: ride camels and learn about the Berber way of life. Travel groups that are happy to talk to visitors can teach them a lot about the songs, customs, and ways of life of the locals.

Sunset and Sunrise Camel Treks in Merzouga

Kids doing Sunset & Sunrise Camel Ride Experiences in Merzouga

Plan your camel ride in Merzouga at sunset to see the beautiful changing of the colors as the sun goes down. On the evening walk, you can see the desert change into a beautiful painting of bright colors, which is an experience you will never forget. Choose a camel trek at sunrise to enjoy nature waking up as the first rays of light shine on the dunes, making beautiful shapes and bringing out every shape.

If you want to see beautiful outlines of tall dunes against a background of orange, pink, and purple, go on a hike in the evening. As you start your trip on top of these gentle creatures, enjoy the magical moment that comes with each step through this scenery.

Overnight Camel Trekking in Merzouga

Starry Nights

Picture yourself lying on a soft bed of sand in Merzouga and looking up at the stars. This beautiful moment will happen to you while you’re on your overnight camel ride, away from city lights and light pollution. The clear desert skies will show off an amazing show of stars, making the atmosphere magical.

During your stay at camp, your experienced guides will show you different constellations and tell you about stargazing. This is a one-of-a-kind chance to learn about the wonders of the sky while being in the peace of the desert.

If you go on an evening camel ride, you can look up at the stars and be amazed by how beautiful they are. It’s a peaceful and spiritual experience.

  • Look at the blanket of stars that light up the night.
  • Guides who know a lot about science and constellations will teach you.
  • Get away from the city lights and enjoy the magic of the stars.

Desert Campsites

As part of your Merzouga camel ride at sunset and sunrise, you’ll have the chance to spend the night in a traditional desert camp with cozy blankets and other amenities. These campsites are more than just a place to stay; they offer a chance to have a real experience under the stars in a quiet desert setting.

Enjoy the warm welcome of the Berber people while they cook you wonderful meals. Enjoy traditional meals and the friendly welcome that is a part of Berber culture. The cozy tents make sure you can rest well at the end of a day full of amazing experiences.

You can really connect with nature while having modern comforts at these desert campsites. It’s the perfect mix that will make your trip through Merzouga’s beautiful scenery even better.

Luxury Camping with Camel Ride

Luxury Camping with Camel Ride

Glamping Amenities

Glamping, or “luxury camping,” is something you can do in Merzouga. There are comfortable beds, private bathrooms, and other modern conveniences at these places. The mix of old and new pleasures makes for a one-of-a-kind and high-class desert stay. Plus, there are hot tubs and electricity for your pleasure. You can also enjoy the beautiful desert scenery.

It is important that the Merzouga luxury Camps don’t take away from the real desert experience. Come back to your room with soft beds, stylish decor, and your own bathroom after an exciting camel ride through the beautiful dunes of Merzouga at sunset. Picture taking it easy in a nice tent under the stars after a fun-filled day of activities.

Enjoy modern comforts like air conditioning or heating to stay warm and cozy no matter what the weather is like outside. These small details make camping more enjoyable and give you a chance to relax and recharge before going on to more interesting activities.

Exclusive Services

You are free to make your experience exactly how you want it to be. Everything from a sweet break for two to an exciting family trip can be customized to fit the needs of every visitor. On a private camel tour, you can see the vast stretch of sand dunes up close while enjoying the sunrise or sunset.

The guides and staff are dedicated to making sure that every part of your trip through the desert is perfect for you. Every detail is carefully planned so that each moment becomes a treasured memory. For example, special parties can be held under the stars, and custom plans can be made based on your interests.

You can choose from several unique services, such as camping or meeting Moroccan Berber people who live in this beautiful environment. During your time at Merzouga’s luxurious camping, take advantage of these chances to get closer to nature and local customs.

Itinerary for Sunset & Sunrise Camel Rides in Merzouga

Merzouga desert, Erg Chebbi activities

Sunset Camel Ride Schedule

Before you book your Merzouga sunset camel ride, make sure you know exactly when this amazing natural show happens. When the sun goes down behind Erg Chebbi’s sand dunes, it fills the sky with bright colors that are hypnotic. Take beautiful pictures at this special hour to protect nature’s beauty.

The date for sunset makes sure that you can plan your camel riding trip so that you can see the best views. Make sure you don’t miss the amazing view of the sun going down over the Sahara Desert by looking at this schedule. You will feel calm and peaceful as you watch the beauty of nature develop in front of your eyes.

Sunrise Camel Ride Schedule

If you want to have a unique experience, get up early and look at the morning plan to find out exactly when to do things. During your camel riding trip, you shouldn’t miss the chance to see the sunrise over Erg Chebbi. As dawn breaks, golden light fills the desert, making for a peaceful and beautiful sight.

After seeing the morning schedule, you can make sure you are in the right place at the right time to see this natural wonder. You can get in touch with nature in its simplest form and enjoy the beauty of Merzouga as the sun rises.

Full-Day Options

Full-day camel trips are a good option for people who want to learn more about Merzouga’s desert scenery. People on these longer trips have a lot of time to spend on camels, which lets them fully enjoy their surroundings while exploring Erg Chebbi’s secret gems.

If you choose the full-day option, you can stop at beautiful places to rest or take pictures with amazing nature backgrounds.

Pricing for Merzouga Camel Trek

Cost Factors

It’s important to think about different cost factors when planning your sunset and sunrise camel rides in Merzouga. The price can change depending on the length of the walk, the number of people in the group, and the amenities that are included. Cost will also change based on whether you choose a basic or luxury plan. Check out a few different tour companies to see which one gives you the best deal for your money.

For example, a longer camel ride that lasts more than one day and includes staying the night in a desert camp might cost more than a shorter trip. Also, some tour companies might offer lower prices per person if you’re going with a large group.

It is important to look at what each plan includes. One may seem more expensive at first, but it may come with extra services or activities that make it worth it.

Package Deals

One of the all-inclusive package deals in Merzouga lets you plan a camel ride at sunset or at sunrise. There is often more to these deals than just riding a camel. Getting to and from places, living in traditional desert camps, and eating meals along the way are also part of them.

People who travel can save money by getting these deals instead of each service separately. Take a short camel ride at sunset or go on a long trip through the desert that lasts several days. There are deals for everyone.

This can be seen when you choose an all-inclusive plan that includes the camel ride as well as cultural events like sandboarding or traditional music shows.

Additional Expenses

When making your Merzouga camel ride budget, keep in mind that there may be extra costs on top of the package prices. This could include giving tips to camp workers and guides, as well as doing extra things like quad biking over hills or buying gifts from artists in the area.

Private Camp Experience

Private Camp Experience in Erg Chebbi

Personalized Tours

You can make your own plans when you go on a camel ride in Merzouga at sunset or at sunrise. You should make sure that the things you plan to do and see are related to your interests and hobbies. There are many ways to enjoy the Sahara. You can take pictures of the stunning desert scenery, meet nomad families, or just chill out and enjoy the peace and quiet.

Local guides can help you. They know a lot about the history, culture, and natural beauty of the area. Along the way, these guides can give you tips and information that will help you learn more about this special place. Some things they might do are tell interesting stories about how the Berbers used to live or point out rare animals and plants as they go.

Intimate Settings

One amazing thing about a private camp is that it’s a great place for small groups to go on camel trips. Smaller groups, as opposed to bigger tour groups, allow for a more personal and in-depth experience with nature. Enjoy the peace and quiet that comes from being away from busy people as you ride through the hills on a beautiful camel.

This small-group setting also lets you get to know your guides better, and they’ll make sure you get personal attention throughout your trip. As these experts share their knowledge about local customs or help you find constellations while stargazing under a beautiful night sky, you can get to know them well.

Special Requests

If you want to get the most out of your sunset or sunrise camel ride in Merzouga at a private campsite, you might want to make some special suggestions. Let the people you’re traveling with know ahead of time if you’re having a birthday or wedding during this trip. That way, they can make sure you have a special way to celebrate in the desert.

Also, let them know if you have any food limits or personal preferences because of health issues or personal choices, like a gluten-free or vegan diet.

Day Trip by Camels

Camels chilling in the Merzouga desert

Take the chance to see the beautiful Erg Chebbi dunes while you’re on a sunset or sunrise camel ride in Merzouga. You can walk up the tall dunes for a view of the whole area when you’re not riding a camel, or you can just enjoy walking on the soft sand. Find a secret oasis and learn about the unique desert wildlife in Morocco.

By visiting Erg Chebbi, you can have a meaningful experience with nature and learn how life can survive in such harsh conditions. The local guides who are going with you will be able to share their vast knowledge about this unique ecosystem, which will make your tour even more interesting and educational.

You can choose from different lengths of time for your camel riding trip—anything from a few hours to several days. Think about how far you’ll be walking during the trek, which can change based on the route and schedule you choose. You need to carefully plan your days so that you have enough time to not only ride a camel but also fully enjoy every part of this one-of-a-kind desert experience.

Duration and Distance

  1. Pick from different lengths of time: Whether you want a short trip or a longer one, you can choose from the options that are offered.
  2. Plan based on the distance: Think about how far you’ll travel each day on your camel riding trip based on the route and schedule you choose.

An important part of camel hiking is having a local guide with you. Not only can they help you find your way through these huge places, but they can also teach you about their biological and historical importance.

Local Guides

  • Get help from a professional: local guides know a lot about both nature history and cultural importance.
  • Safety: Well-trained local guides make sure everyone stays safe and has a great time.

4×4 Excursion at Sunset

4x4 Excursion on the dunes

Off-Road Adventure

Explore the rural places around Erg Chebbi on exciting off-road trips in 4×4 cars. Explore untouched lands and find secret rivers, wandering villages, and old ruins. Off-road trips and camel riding together make for a varied and interesting desert experience.

Picture yourself traveling through rough territory and feeling the rush of energy as you complete difficult paths. The thrill of discovering unknown areas in a strong 4×4 car makes your desert adventure even more exciting. Take advantage of the freedom of off-road adventure as the sun starts to go down, set against stunning natural scenery.

The mix of off-road adventures and camel rides makes for a well-rounded experience that suits a range of tastes. While camel trips give you a closer link with nature and culture, 4×4 adventures are a thrilling way to see more scenery and cover longer distances in less time.

Desert Landscapes

As you walk through Erg Chebbi’s sand dunes, take in the ever-changing desert scenery. Find long stretches of golden sand, shapes formed by the wind, and hypnotic designs. Enjoy the unique beauty of the desert, where the colors and textures are so different from each other.

Whether you’re traveling through this beautiful scenery at sunrise or sunset, every turn will show a new surprise. Light and shade play off of each other to make beautiful effects that change the scene in front of your eyes. Take part in this event where nature turns into an artist and the sky turns into a picture.

The change from daylight to dusk or dawn makes these strange places even more appealing.

Meeting Point and Pickup for Merzouga Camel Ride

Meeting Point and Pickup for Merzouga Camel Ride, Sunset & Sunrise

Location Details

Merzouga is in the southeast of Morocco, close to the border with Algeria. It is the entrance to the Erg Chebbi dunes. This beautiful village is about 50 kilometers southeast of the town of Erfoud. Merzouga is easy to get to thanks to well-kept roads, and you can also take a planned trip there from big towns like Marrakech or Fes.

Travelers looking for a real desert experience are drawn to Erg Chebbi’s appeal. Camel rides at sunrise or sunset are especially popular due to the peaceful surroundings and huge sand mounds. As you plan your trip, think about how easy it will be to get to Merzouga when choosing your mode of transportation.

Transport Options

It’s possible to get to Merzouga for your sunset or morning camel ride in a number of different ways. Private trips give you more freedom and comfort, while group taxis are more affordable. People who want to travel on a budget can take the public bus system.

Check out this article: How to Get to Merzouga Desert!

How you choose the best mode of transportation depends on your personal tastes and your budget. By planning ahead with tour companies, you can easily get from your hotel to where your camel-riding adventure in Erg Chebbi’s stunning scenery begins.


It’s often very important to get to your trip on time and stick to the plans that tour companies make. Get to the meeting point on time, and you’ll be able to start your camel riding trip right away in Merzouga’s beautiful scenery.

Plan your hike through Erg Chebbi’s dunes so that you have plenty of time to enjoy nature’s magical moments, whether you go at sunrise or sunset. To enjoy the beauty of seeing dawn break over the horizon or dusk paint vast deserts with bright colors, you have to get up early.

What to Expect on Sunset and Sunrise Camel Rides

What to expect n Sunset and sunrise camel ride in Merzouga desert

Ride Preparation

It’s important to wear the right clothes for a camel ride at sunset or sunrise in Merzouga. Wear clothes that are easy on the skin and cover your arms and legs to stay cool in the heat. To protect yourself from the strong sun, don’t forget to put on sunscreen, a hat, and shades.

Bringing the things you need is very important for the trip. Bring a water bottle with you to stay refreshed on the trip. And don’t forget to bring some snacks and a small bag for your personal stuff. These steps will make sure that you are ready for a fun experience that won’t cause you any trouble or pain.

Desert Etiquette

People who go on camel rides in Merzouga should be very aware of and considerate of the local ways of doing things. You should always be aware of Berber society when you talk to them in the desert. By following the rules that the guide gives about how to act, you can help keep the peace and make sure that both travelers and locals have a great time.

Having no signs is also a good way to protect the desert’s natural beauty. By following this idea of good environmental care, people who visit Merzouga can help keep the natural beauty of the area’s scenery.

Safety Measures

On your camel camping trip, you must always put safety first. Follow the guides’ instructions to the letter. They are trained professionals who know how to keep you safe on all kinds of terrain.

It’s very important to wear the right shoes when riding and getting off of horses so you stay stable. This makes it less likely that you will get hurt or have an accident while doing these things. During safety training, it’s important to pay close attention.

Cancellation Policy for Sunset and Sunrise Camel Rides

Refund Terms

Learn about return policies so you know what to do if something comes up that makes you unable to go on the camel trip. Know when the dates are for canceling and if there are any fees for returns. If you need to get a refund, you should let people know about any changes or cancellations as soon as possible.

For instance, some tour companies may let you cancel within 48 hours and give you a full refund, while others may need at least a week’s notice and charge a small fee for cancellations made within that time frame.

Rescheduling Options:

If you need to change the dates of your camel trekking, find out what choices you have for changing. Check with tour companies to see how flexible they are and if there are any fees for changing the date of your trip. It’s important to know if there are any rules or limits on changing based on availability and the time of year.

Some companies may let you change your reservation for free up to a certain number of days before the trip, while others may be tighter because of high demand in the spring and fall.

Last-Minute Changes:

If your plans change at the last minute, let the tour company know right away so that the change goes smoothly. It’s important to be able to change things when they come up out of the blue. A good way to handle any questions or worries that may come up during last-minute changes is to keep the lines of communication open.

For instance, if the weather changes quickly, the operator might have to change the plans. This means they need to be able to talk to the players easily.

Traveler Photos and Testimonials

Shared Experiences

Going on a sunset or sunrise camel ride in Merzouga gives you the chance to meet other travelers. This one-of-a-kind event helps people become friends and makes memories that will last a lifetime. Sharing stories, laughing, and learning about each other’s cultures become an important part of the trip as you ride through the desert on camels.

The bond you can make with someone while you’re in the desert is truly special. As you walk across the golden sand at dawn or dusk and talk about how amazing nature is, you can get to know other travelers better. Being in such a beautiful place with other people gives you a chance to make real connections and enjoy the sense of community that comes with it.

This shared experience isn’t just about riding camels; it’s also about making friends with people from around the world who love to travel and discover new things.

Visual Impressions

If you go on a camel ride in Merzouga at sunrise or sunset, you will be amazed by the scenery. The scenery is so beautiful that it will take your breath away. Enjoy the stunning view of golden sands that go on forever and a sky full of clear blue stars as your camel makes its way through the sloping dunes.

Dive into this beautiful setting, where every moment is a chance to take stunning pictures that capture the grandeur and timeless beauty of this one-of-a-kind place. When light and shade play with each other at sunrise or sunset, the view is always changing and is nothing short of beautiful.

Not only will the pictures you take be treasured memories of your trip, but they will also give other people a glimpse of this amazing place when you share them with them when you get home.

Transportation to Merzouga to do Sunset and Sunrise camel ride

From Marrakech

Take a trip from Marrakech to Merzouga that you will never forget to ride camels. You can drive through the Atlas Mountains and see lovely views of Morocco. To make your trip more interesting, stop at different places along the way, such as Ait Ben Haddou or Todra Gorge. The views of the mountain ranges and traditional Berber towns will make the trip one that you will never forget.

The road from Marrakech to Merzouga is full of chances to find and explore. When you visit different parts of Morocco and immerse yourself in its rich culture and amazing natural beauty, you can see how the scenery changes. You can see the UNESCO World Heritage site known for its well-preserved kasbahs if you stop at Ait Ben Haddou. To truly experience what is mentioned, you can book a 3-day tour from Marrakech to Merzouga Desert.

From Fes

By taking a unique trip from Fes to Merzouga, you can see both the city and the desert. Start by learning about Fes’s long past and rich culture. Then, go into the Sahara Desert for a beautiful camel ride at sunrise or sunset. Between Fes’s busy medinas and Erg Chebbi’s peaceful beauty, where golden dunes run as far as the eye can see, there is a huge difference. Book your 3-day tour from Fes to Merzouga to enjoy the best of your stay.

From Fes to Merzouga, you can learn about Morocco’s exciting past and enjoy the peaceful desert beauty of the country. This mix of things makes for an interesting trip that is also good for you culturally and looks great.

Local Transfers

Setting up transport from nearby towns or cities to Merzouga makes it easy to go camel riding in Erg Chebbi’s beautiful dunes at sunrise or sunset.


You’ve got an adventure of a lifetime waiting for you! From breathtaking sunsets to magical sunrise camel rides in Merzouga, the experiences here are bound to leave you in awe. Don’t miss out on the luxury camping with camel rides or the exhilarating 4×4 excursion at sunset. With a variety of options and itineraries, there’s something for every type of traveler. And hey, if you’re feeling daring, why not opt for a private camp experience or an overnight camel trek? The possibilities are endless, and the memories you’ll make are priceless.

So, what are you waiting for? Pack your bags, book your trip, and get ready to embark on an unforgettable journey through the stunning landscapes of Merzouga. The desert is calling, and it’s time for you to answer!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the highlights of the sunset and sunrise camel treks in Merzouga?

Experience the breathtaking beauty of the desert as you go on a magical journey on a camel. Witness mesmerizing sunsets and sunrises, immersing yourself in the serene ambiance of the Sahara.

How long does an overnight camel trekking experience last in Merzouga?

The overnight camel riding trip usually lasts for one night, so you can fully enjoy the peace and quiet of the desert at night under the stars. Enjoy traditional Berber food and music around a campfire to really get into the culture.

Is luxury camping available with camel ride experiences in Merzouga?

Enjoy a unique journey by camping in style and taking a thrilling camel ride. Soak up the sun and enjoy the beautiful desert scenery while making memories under the vast sky.

What can I expect during my day trip by camel in Merzouga?

Take a camel for a day trip that will teach you about real Berber culture while you see beautiful scenery. Take in the stunning views, learn about old traditions, and be greeted with a warm welcome from the locals.

How do I arrange transportation to Merzouga for my camel ride excursion?

We take care of all of the details for your transportation so that your trip to Merzouga goes smoothly. Let us take care of the details so you can enjoy every moment of your amazing desert journey.

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