Best time to travel Morocco and Kasbahs

Best time to travel and visit Morocco:

Are you planning a trip to Morocco and wondering when is the best time to travel? We can reassure you because generally, you can go over to Morocco all year round. We recommend the months of April, May, October, and November. At this time it is not too hot and still very pleasant even on the coast. You can also visit these coastal regions in the summer months. The temperatures are usually between 26 and 27 degrees Celsius in June, July, August, and September. Therefore, a beach vacation is highly recommended.

If you would like to make a round trip through Morocco, the months September to May are especially suitable. Because in the summer months it gets extremely hot, especially in the interior of the country. Therefore these months are less recommendable. If you plan a tour in the Sahara desert, you should choose the autumn and winter months. In summer it is unbearably hot in the desert.

The climate in the different regions:

In Morocco there is no one specific climate, the weather varies from region to region. Further, a Mediterranean climate awaits you in the north and northwest of the country. This means that you can expect dry and hot summers, as well as mild and rainy winters. In the south and southeast of the country, there is a continental climate. The summers are very warm and the winters are very cold. If you are planning a trip through the Sahara desert, we recommend the autumn and spring months.

Between the Sahara in the south and southeast and the coast in the west is the mountain range “High Atlas”. This mountain range is so to speak the dividing wall between the north and the south of Morocco. If you plan to hike through the mountains, choose the months of March to May and October and November. In winter, it is very cold in the mountains and there is a lot of snow in the higher areas. From an altitude of 1000 meters, you can expect snow in the High Atlas.

The climate in the royal city Marrakech is very dry and warm. In summer you can expect temperatures of more than 40°C. Therefore, we recommend the months between November and May for this region.

Best time to travel Morocco for Marrakech & inland:

Marrakech has a warm and dry climate all year round in the summer months. However, it is very hot and dry, so sightseeing can be physically demanding. The months June to September are therefore less recommendable. In case, if you can cope with these temperatures, there is nothing to be said against travelling.

The best time to travel to Marrakech, Morocco is in spring and autumn. At this time it is pleasantly warm, quite dry and not too hot. Very pleasant temperatures await you in March, April, May, October and November. In winter it cools down a bit. During the day, however, temperatures can reach up to 21 degrees Celsius. In addition, there are only 7 rainy days per month on average during this time. The best time to travel to Marrakech and the interior is therefore in the months September to May.

Best time to travel to Marrakech

Best time to travel to the coast of Morocco:

In Morocco, you will find two coastlines. For the north, there is the Mediterranean coast with the towns of Tangier or Nador. In the west are the cities of Rabat, Casablanca Agadir directly on the Atlantic coast. On both coasts, there is a Mediterranean climate. That is to say, the whole year the temperatures are mild to warm. In the months of July and August, the thermometer likes to climb to over 27 degrees Celsius. On average it usually does not rain at all during this time.

These are the driest and warmest months of the year. The coldest month is January with a minimum of 8 degrees Celsius. During the day the thermometer reaches 17 degrees Celsius. The best travel time for the coastal region of Morocco are thus during the months of April to November. During this time it is summery warm and there is little or no rain. Additionally, you can expect 10 hours of sunshine per day. What more do you want? Perfect conditions for a relaxed summer vacation.

Best time to travel to the coast of Morocco and Essaouira

Best time to travel to Morocco’s mountains:

During your trip to Morocco you should make a detour to the Atlas Mountains. It is especially popular with hikers, adventurers and nature lovers. Due to the high altitude, you have to expect more precipitation, especially in the mountains (rain & snow). It is also much cooler here than in the lower altitudes. While in Marrakech in April we could still walk around with a T-shirt, we needed a thick sweater and the rain jackets in the mountains. The best time to travel to the Atlas Mountains of Morocco is in March, April, May, October and November.

Atlas mountains in Morocco
Best time to travel Morocco during snow time

Best time to visit the Western Sahara:

And what is the climate like in the south and in the desert? There is a very dry Sahara climate with very little rain. Only in the months September to December showers can occur. On average, the daytime temperatures are between 21 and 27 degrees Celsius. But at night it can get really cold in the desert. Therefore you should have at least one sweater with you for tours in the desert. We were pretty cold during our night in the tent.

In summer we don’t recommend visiting the Sahara. The thermometer likes to climb above the 40 degree mark. Then it can also come to sandstorms, which are anything but pleasant. At least that is what former travellers report about it. The best time to travel to the south west coast is between April and November. We recommend trips to the Sahara between October and April. We were at that time in March in Morocco and had throughout a pleasant climate.

The Sahara desert of Merzouga
Morocco Merzouga camel rides

Our conclusion for the best time to travel to Morocco:

You can travel to Morocco all year round. Although spring and autumn are generally the best, you can also escape your country’s winter perfectly in Morocco with pleasant temperatures. In summer it is usually very hot in Morocco. Then you can make however a pleasant bath vacation at the coast. No matter what you decide, Morocco is a fascinating country.

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