Best instagram places in Morocco

Morocco is a combination of oriental color, bright markets, and aromas of spices. It is also one of the most photogenic countries in the world. So, after your tour to the African kingdom, take home some of your memories captured in hundreds of photos and videos. Or immediately share them on Instagram. Here, Touring In Morocco shows you the best places or spots in Morocco for Instagram shots.

1. The Blue Streets of Chefchaouen – The #1 Instagram spot in the world

This old town at the foot of the Rif Mountains is like one big installation. Every winding street, every wall, door, and stairwell is painted every shade of blue, from sky blue to deep indigo. And all this is combined with medieval architecture and Moroccan ornaments. It is surely listed as one of the best places in Morocco for Instagram.

The pictures in the background of any courtyard turn out wonderful. Excellent convey the peaceful atmosphere of authentic town pictures in front of street flower pots. You will see them near the Mosquée Bab Al Souk mosque. Nearby there is also a street, which is all drenched in blue.

The courtyards in Chefchaouen boast hundreds of cats in a variety of colors, from red to ash. Against the backdrop of blue, these mustachioed creatures look interesting. To take in the whole town, climb the hill, and from here you can see the blue houses and alleys.

And if you don’t want to catch the crowds of tourists on your journey through Shefshaouen, head to this town in the afternoon.

Chefchaouen Morocco streets

2. The dunes of Erg-chebbi in the Sahara Desert

Merzouga is a major access point into the Erg Chebbi expanse of Sahara sand dunes, which is located further interior near the Algerian border. The high, wind-swept dunes of this area, as well as nearby Hassi Labied, serve as a background and focal point for organized camel rides and other desert experiences. As a result, it’s the starting point for a slew of Instagram-worthy moments: but no complaints about the dust, please!

We at Touring In Morocco work with dozens of local Moroccan guides and absolutely all of them say that the Sahara Desert is the main reason travelers from all over the world come to them on tours in Morocco and they believe it is one of the top places in Morocco for Instagram shots. The most popular itineraries in Morocco are from Marrakech to the desert with the dunes of Erg Chebbi near the settlement of Merzouga and then to Fez with nearby Chefchaouen or the same route in the opposite direction.

This is the perfect location for fantastic photos – with a caravan of camels, camping in the middle of the desert, or on the huge dunes! Endless expanses of sand in the Sahara, a caravan of camels, dunes up to 150 meters high, the night in a tent with Berber nomads and hot Moroccan tea by the fire, stargazing – an unforgettable experience and an exclusive item for Instagram.

For cool Instagram shots, I recommend you wear something red, white, yellow, or blue and climb one of Erg Shebby’s huge barchans. The best time to take pictures is at sunset and dawn. Then the soft light falls on the sands in such a way that amazing shadows and patterns appear on their surface.

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Erg Chebbi, one of the best places in Morocco for Instagram shots

3. Todra Gorge – a landscape that takes your breath away

In the southeast of the High Atlas, there is one beautiful place that is often included in many author tours to Morocco. It is Todra Gorges. In the last 600 meters of the 40-kilometer canyon, the steep walls narrow to 30 meters. At the same time, they reach a height of about 160 meters. Together with the river that flows at the bottom of the canyon, they create a unique landscape. It is believed that these canyons are one of the best places for Instagram shots in the south.

To take beautiful pictures against the rocks, river, and palm trees below, come here in the early morning. This is when the sun’s dawn rays color the canyon slopes orange. And if you’re an extreme climber, climb one of the walls and get a different perspective of the canyon.

Todgha Gorges in Tinghir Morocco

4. Ouzoud waterfalls: a slice of paradise in the Moroccan countryside

To complete your album with amazing landscape photos, go to Ouzoud Falls. This work of nature is located 54 km from the Bin el Ouidane dam and 167 km from Marrakech.

The waterfalls amaze any Instagrammer at a glance. Water streams cascade from a height of 110 m into the natural basin of the canyon. The result is an amazing combination of red rocks, green moss, and white streams of water, and if you are lucky, a rainbow. Isn’t it heaven on earth?

For an unforgettable photo, come here closer to sunset. At this time there is a chance that the Berber monkeys, who come here in the evening, will also be in the frame. It is surely one of the best atmospheric places for Instagram in the kingdom of Morocco.

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Ouzoud waterfalls

5. The Friuato Caves – one of the treasures of Fez

If you have already captured yourself at the golden doors of the Royal Palace, near the Shuar’s paintings and in front of the patterned earthenware, check out another beautiful Instagram spot – the Grotte de Friouato (caves of Friouato). They are hidden on the northeastern side of the Tazeka National Park, 140 km from Fez.

A beautiful picture is obtained at the entrance to the cave system – if you stand on the steps from below, you can see the rocks, overgrown with green moss, on the right. A breathtaking picture opens up and inside this wonder of nature when a beam of daylight through the entrance illuminates the inner walls. And if you walk deep into the cave, you will encounter another remarkable installation – a blue water body, surrounded by stalactite and stalagmite formations of incredible shapes.

Caves, places in Morocco for instagram

6. The Imi en Ifri Bridge – Map of Africa near Marrakech

108 km from Marrakech, there is an interesting place that you should definitely visit. What is the appearance of this natural creation! The arch, nicknamed “The Gates of the Abyss”, is made entirely of limestone. On the sides of its walls are covered with greenery, below flows a river into which small waterfalls, and next to the bridge – the waterfalls are larger.

The bridge looks good from all sides. Unusual photos are obtained from its inner side – if you take a picture from the bottom up, the frame will contain a piece of blue sky framed with limestone walls. Another uniqueness of the bridge is that on the other side the shape of its opening resembles a map of Africa. Definitely, it is one of the top places in Morocco for Instagram.

The Imi en Ifri Bridge

7. Toubkal: Morocco’s highest mountain

If you want to take a bird’s-eye view of the Atlas Mountains with your smartphone or SLR, you don’t have to fly over them in an airplane. You can join hikes in Morocco and get to the top of Mount Toubkal (Jebel Toubkal) – from a height of 4,165 meters, you can see mountain ranges in the clouds, gorges, strips of snow, and if the weather is lucky, a piece of the Sahara in the distance as well. To capture all this beauty, take a panoramic picture or use a selfie stick. Many other mountains are considered the best Instagram places in Morocco.

Toubkal mountain

8. Bin El Ouidan Dam: a beautiful corner in the arms of the mountains

There are more than 100 dams in Morocco. Among them, Bin el Ouidane (Barrage Bin el Ouidane), which is located on the Tadla Plain in the province of Azilal, looks photogenic.

The gentle blue lake, surrounded by green mountains and shores of beige and ochre hues, is a favorite vacation spot of Moroccans. Here they fish, swim or kiteboard.

The area is also a good location for Insta photos and videos. On one side, the reservoir resembles a mountain lake in one of Switzerland’s resorts. And if you look from another angle, the small pebbles on the shore and small waves as if transported to the sea.

In general, if you walk around all 3755 hectares of the reservoir, you can catch several hundred interesting shots by the water, as well as near the rocks.

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Lac ben Louidane

9. The Sagro Goblet: one of the driest instagram places in the Morocco

Do you want to visit the moon when you travel to Morocco? It is real if you go from the High Atlas to the south and from the Anti-Atlas to the east. That is where the Jbel Saghro mountain range (Jbel Sahro) is located.

There are no refreshing oases of water, just desert landscapes, rocks, gorges, and rugged cliffs. And the humid air currents from the Atlantic and the Mediterranean Sea do not reach here. This is why Jbel Sagro is called the driest place in the country. But nevertheless, it attracts lovers of adventure. After all, everything around it resembles the Martian landscape. In the midst of these surreal surroundings, you should pay attention to one interesting location – two rectangular rocks with date palms growing in front of them.

Jbel Saghro

10. Draa Valley: One of the perfect places in Morocco for Instagram

What is a photo tour in Morocco without the symbol of the East – date palms? A huge plantation of these trees is located in the Draa Valley, which is surrounded in the north by the High Atlas Ranges, in the west by the Anti-Atlas Ranges, and in the southeast, it adjoins the Sahara Desert.

The Draa Valley is a long strip of thousands of palm trees and a river, which serves as a kind of oasis in the midst of a dry stony landscape and ancient kasbahs. The place is beautiful from all sides. An interesting angle is obtained from the left bank of the river, and the most unusual is from the window of one of the kasbahs. In the second version, the old clay walls, palm trees, and mountains that can be seen in the distance come into the frame.

Draa valley, Morocco best photo places for Instagram

11. Legzira Beach: the most photogenic place on the Atlantic coast

When you travel to Morocco, you’ll want to take a photo of a picturesque slice of the Atlantic coast with you. If you have not yet found the perfect Instagram spot without the crowds of vacationers in the background, we suggest you go to Legzira plage, which you have to drive 150 km south from Agadir.

The beach itself is a secluded bay with a wide 8 km coastline, cliffs, and strong winds. Here, do not swim and do not dive, because the entrance to the water is stone, the waves are powerful, and the water temperature barely reaches 21 degrees, even in summer.

But this beach is one of the most picturesque in the world. On its coast there are huge clay and sand arches, smoothly going into the blue ocean. These creations, created by years of erosion, beckon photographers from all over the world.

You don’t need Instagram filters to photograph the arches. The main thing is to come at low tide and catch a good angle. But the most fantastic pictures are obtained at sunset. Then the entire beach is bathed in the rays of the setting sun, and the combination of water, orange arches, and small pebbles on the shore resemble a Martian landscape.

To get good pictures in a particular place in the African kingdom, choose for it early in the morning or before sunset when there are fewer people and the beauty is in full swing. Then the photos on Instagram will surprise your followers, and keep nice memories of your trip to Morocco for life.

Legzira beach

Looking to travel to Morocco?

If you are planning to travel to Morocco, we are local experts who are ready to make your adventure memorable. Contact us and we will plan your itinerary to the most fascinating destinations in the country.

This is the end of our collection of the best places in Morocco for Instagram shots! If you have some to share with us, please don’t hesitate to leave it in the comments section below. Thank you!

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