Sandboarding in Merzouga desert, Morocco.

Sandboarding in Merzouga is an enjoyable sport that tourists practice in the sand of Erg Chebbi, Morocco. This sport attracts lovers from all over the world that are willing to visit the desert. Also, it is not a dangerous sport as the probability of getting injuries is zero.

Difference between Sandboarding and Snowboarding:

As it is known, snowboarding is an activity that is related to the winter season. Besides, it is performed in the snow and allows skiing for a very long distance. On the contrary, sandboarding can be practiced anytime, and it does not depend on any season. In addition, it does not allow long-distance skiing. As a result, for better performance, it is better to do it in a big dune with a steep slope.

Best time to sandboard:

In general, tourists can practice sandboarding anytime in the year as it does not require a lot of conditions. However, it is also better to do it in some specific times and circumstances. For example, it is better to sandboard after a rainy day because that will make the sand solid which means a better slide down. Also, it is safer to do it in the early morning or in the evening as the sand is very hot sometimes, especially in the summer.

Pieces of Stuff needed to practice Sandboarding in Merzouga desert, Morocco:

In general, this sport does not require to take a lot of things. Just a sandboard and some really long clothes that can protect you in case of falling down. Also, you can take some secondary things with you that are not necessary such as a camera or a phone to record videos and take pictures, sunglasses, a hat…

Not to forget that it is better to sandboard without wearing shoes or socks because sand love to hide in them. As a result, sometimes, it is a little bit hard to get rid of it.

How to practice Sandboarding?

The practice of this activity does not differ much from that of snowboarding. The only difference is that the board that we use has a base more solid and strong, and essentially made of Formica and Laminex mixed with other substances.

To start, you need to look for a big dune with a steep slope, and then with your feet fixed on the board, you try to push yourself to slide down. In that process, you try to maintain balance. At the end of each try, you go back to the top to start over.

Where to practice Sandboarding in Merzouga, Morocco?

This sport can be practiced while a trip to the desert of Erg Chebbi or the desert of Znigui, the two are ones of the adapted and the best deserts to perform this activity in Morocco. The reason is that both are clean and present dunes of very high altitudes.

Health benefits of sandboarding:

As a result of this exercise, the knees increase their strength and endurance, and the bones become stronger due to the weight imposed on the legs. Increasing the inner strength of the bones and joints prevents them from thinning and fights damage to the knees.

Our customers reviews about Sandboarding in Merzouga:

Sandboarding in Morocco Merzouga

Other activities to do in Merzouga desert:

Merzouga is the first visited destination in the south of Morocco. It offers its visitors plenty of activities, from riding camels to Quadbiking, and more. here we give you a list of things to do besides Sandboarding in Merzouga Sahara desert.

Riding camels in the heart of Erg Chebbi:

Riding camels is a dream of many tourists visiting Morocco, the magnificent views of the sand dunes, the feeling when riding on the back of a camel. This is all a unique experience ending with spending the night in a nomad desert camp with locals. Not only that but Berber music and dancing under the starry sky are what you will enjoy and conclude the night with. Before you wake up and get amazing shots of the sunrise in the middle of the dunes.

Touring In Morocco has been organizing activities in Merzouga for more than 10 years. Considering that we are from the Merzouga desert, we have the honor to help visitors enjoy and experience Sandboarding in Merzouga, 4WD tours, camel rides, and even picnics.

An itinerary for 1-day riding camels and experiencing Sandboarding In Merzouga:

Either you are coming using our Morocco tours from Fes, Marrakech, Tangier, Casablanca, or public transportation, you always have the chance to experience camel rides with us.

On your arrival time, you will have free parking if you are driving your own or rental car. We will offer a free room for you to relax and take what is necessary for the night and camel ride. The rest will be brought to the camp if needed (only in a luxury option). Our staff will take you to the place where you will ride camels with a professional experienced camel driver. Along the way, you will get the best pictures of you with the camels enjoying the beautiful atmosphere.

Depending on your arrival time, you may stop for the sunset on the top of one of Erg Chebbi’s tall sand dunes.

After the gorgeous view of the sunset, you will continue to the camp. Where you will enjoy the famous called Sandboarding in Merzouga sand dunes. But before, you will enjoy the traditional mint tea.

At night, our local staff will play the enjoyable Berber music with a show under the starry sky.

In the morning, it is optional for you to take the camels or the 4WD back to the hotel.

Discovering the attractions with a 4WD:

As you end the experience of the camel ride and Sandboarding in Merzouga, you might think about what else Merzouga has to offer. This beautiful small town has many places to visit, like the Souk, nomads, the oasis, and the lake.

The day tour starts with visiting a famous Palace owned by an Emirati, where you will enjoy custom worldwide cars.

After that, we will move to see the Gnaoua people who came from the African countries south and west of Morocco. These people made music a way to express and show the world their struggling to live life. their story will be available to read about then we will move to M’Ifiss. A place to discover the old mines of the French administration before we visit the nomads. As a conclusion, we will see the lake of Dayet Srij and the oasis where they grow fresh dates.

Quadbiking and Sandboarding in Merzouga desert:

Quadbiking is one of the best activities to try in addition to sandboarding in Merzouga. Guided by a local driver, you will enjoy the best views on top of the Erg Chebbi’s sand dunes. You can choose a ride of one hour, two hours, depending on what you need.

The best time to try Quadbiking and Sandboarding in Merzouga Sahara desert is during the sunset time.

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