Lake Dayet Srij, Merzouga

Lake Dayet Srij, also known as Lake Merzouga, situated west of the town, used to be a salt lake but no longer is due to water released from the dam Errachidia and water coming into the lake when it rains in the Ziz River, which has caused it to alter. In the spring, Lake Dayet Srij is home to a wide range of bird species, including desert warblers, and vast colonies of flamingos, sparrows, and hawks. Snakes, lizards, desert foxes, and hedgehogs may be seen all year. Lake Dayet Srij is known for its rich bird richness and for being a relaxing and enjoyable location to spend time in.

In the distance, you can see sand dunes on one side, mountains on the other, and a magnificent sunset. When it doesn’t rain much, the lake dries up and will fill up again when it rains again. This is one of the few lakes in the center of the desert, as well as one of Morocco’s few natural lakes. During the summer, this lake is dry, and it is not filled with water until the rains begin in the autumn.

Where is it situated?

The Lake Dayet Sirj is situated 4 kilometers west of Merzouga, nearby to the desert, and is a lovely area to spend time surrounded by nature and magnificent birds.

How to get to there?

To get to the lake, use any of the trails that branch off the road. Another option is to go from Hassilabiad on the N-13 road for one kilometer and then take the route to the Hamada desert.

The route leading to the desert of Hamada goes to the Lake, which is roughly three kilometers to the west. The journey is a bit challenging, but it is worth it since you will enjoy a gorgeous scenery.

What can you do there?

The rainy season, which lasts from June to September, is the greatest time to visit this lake.

Lake Dayet Srij boasts a spectacular sunset because of the combination of colors from the lake, desert, birds, and flora. Pink flamingos may also be seen between June and September.

When the lake is full, you can observe the residents of numerous adjacent villages that utilize Lake Dayet Srij for agricultural development, as part of its water has been used for certain agricultural plots situated south of the Dayet Srij.

Looking for a tour to visit the lake?

We are a travel agency based in Merzouga desert and we organize different activities, from quadbiking, sandboard, buggies, and desert tours of Merzouga to discover its attractions.

Contact us for more information about a plan that includes the most interesting sites of Merzouga including the lake *only if it is not dry*

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