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One of the most well-liked tourist destinations in Morocco is Marrakech, which is renowned for its thriving markets, extensive history, and distinctive culture. However, as with any place, visitors’ top priority is safety. The safety situation in Marrakech, including crime rates, the political environment, and any particular safety issues for tourists, should be thoroughly understood by anyone planning to visit the city. This guide will give you the answer to the common question: Is Marrakech safe? as well as safety and enjoyment-related suggestions and recommendations.

Overview of Marrakech

Marrakech is a city in western Morocco, amid the foothills of the Atlas Mountains. Marrakech, often known as the “Red City” because of its characteristic red walls and buildings, is a popular tourist destination due to its rich history, lively culture, and busy marketplaces. The city is famous for its historic souks (markets), where tourists can purchase anything from spices and fabrics to pottery and jewelry.

Marrakech is also home to various ancient sites, including the Koutoubia Mosque, the Bahia Palace, and the Saadian Tombs. It has recently been a center for international events, holding festivals such as the Marrakech International Film Festival and the Marrakech Biennale. Marrakech, with its unique combination of history and modernity, provides tourists with a unique cultural experience.

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Brief Overview of Safety Concerns in Marrakech

Most people think that Marrakech is a safe place for tourists because it has a low crime rate compared to other nearby cities. When seeing the city, travelers should be mindful of a few safety risks. Pickpocketing and petty theft are the most typical safety issues in Marrakech, especially in busy locations like the markets. Tourists should also use care while traveling by cab or private automobile since some have been known to overcharge or defraud visitors. Always be cautious of your surroundings, particularly at night, and avoid going alone in dimly lit locations. Visitors should also observe local traditions and dress modestly, especially in more conservative parts of the city.

Crime Statistics in Marrakech

According to the latest crime statistics, Marrakech has a relatively low crime rate compared to other major cities in the region. In 2020, the crime rate in Marrakech was 5.5 per 1,000 residents, which was lower than the crime rate in Casablanca, another major city in Morocco.

Political Situation in Marrakech

Morocco is a constitutional monarchy, hence the political climate in Marrakech is typically stable. The current king, King Mohammed VI, has reigned since 1999. In recent years, the Moroccan government has worked to modernize the nation and boost economic growth. Morocco, like any other nation, is not immune to political tensions and demonstrations. Protests against corruption, economic injustice, and human rights have occurred in Morocco in recent years, particularly in Marrakech. Although the protests have been mostly peaceful, travelers should be mindful of the possibility of interruptions and avoid large groups or demonstrations. It’s also a good idea to stay current on the country’s political climate before heading to Marrakech. Visitors to Marrakech should avoid engaging in political conversations or arguments with residents in general since this might be seen as impolite or improper. Tourists need to respect local traditions and regulations, and they should avoid behaviors that might be seen as rude or insulting.

Police Presence in Marrakech

Marrakech has a robust police presence, with officers in both uniform and plainclothes monitoring the streets and public locations. Marrakech’s police force is widely regarded as efficient and competent, and they are in charge of preserving law and order, preventing and investigating crimes, and guaranteeing public safety. Marrakech visitors may see police officers stationed in prominent tourist places like markets and historical buildings.

Although this may be soothing to some guests, it may be scary or unsettling to others. It is crucial to stress, however, that the police presence in Marrakech is largely meant to protect public safety and prevent crime, not to target or intimidate visitors. If tourists visiting Marrakech have a safety issue or an emergency, they may phone 190 to notify the police. Tourists should also be aware that Moroccan police may function differently than in their own countries, and it is essential to be familiar with local laws and traditions. For example, it’s critical to be polite to police officers and avoid any aggressive or rude conduct.

Safety for Tourists in Marrakech

Marrakech is a popular tourist destination, and the city takes the safety of its visitors seriously. There are measures in place to ensure the safety of tourists, including increased police presence in tourist areas and the use of security cameras.

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Safety in Public Spaces

Being aware of your surroundings is one of the most crucial things to remember. Visitors should be aware of who is around them and look out for any unusual conduct. It is also critical to keep valuables hidden and to avoid carrying big sums of cash. Tourists should be extra vigilant in busy locations to avoid pickpocketing and bag theft.

Thieves sometimes operate in bunches, diverting visitors while their comrades take their stuff. Tourists should also be wary of strangers, particularly those who offer unsolicited assistance or attempt to sell them anything.

Although the majority of residents are polite and helpful, some may attempt to take advantage of visitors. The Moroccan government has taken a number of steps to improve public safety, including boosting police presence and installing surveillance cameras in tourist areas. Several hotels and tour companies also have their own security measures in place.

Transportation Safety in Marrakech

Transportation in Marrakech may be an experience in and of itself, with taxis, buses, and horse-drawn carriages among the alternatives. Visitors should be aware of possible safety concerns and use care while using these means of transportation. Overcharging or scams are one of the primary safety issues for travelers using taxis in Marrakech. It’s critical to discuss the fee ahead of time and reach an agreement before getting into the cab. Tourists should also ensure that the taxi has a functional meter, since unscrupulous drivers may attempt to charge a higher fee if the meter is not operated.

In addition to taxis, travelers may opt to traverse the city via bus. Although buses are typically safe, they may be packed, so travelers should always be alert to their surroundings. Keep a watch on your stuff and avoid carrying huge sums of money or valuables. Lastly, travelers to Marrakech may opt to explore the city via horse-drawn carriage. Although this may be an exciting and memorable event, visitors should be mindful of the possibility of mishaps or dangerous situations. Before beginning a journey, it is important to choose a respected carriage operator and confirm that the carriage is in excellent shape.

Accommodation Safety in Marrakech

Marrakech offers a range of accommodations, from luxury hotels to budget-friendly hostels. Visitors should research their accommodations in advance and choose a reputable establishment.

Cultural Considerations for Safety

While visiting Marrakech, it is essential to be aware of cultural safety precautions. Morocco is a Muslim nation with a distinct culture, and tourists are expected to respect local customs and traditions. The dress code is one of the most significant cultural issues. Morocco is a conservative nation; therefore, tourists should dress modestly, particularly in public. Ladies should cover their shoulders and avoid wearing clothing that is too exposed. Guys should dress modestly and refrain from wearing shorts in public.

Visitors should observe Islamic norms such as prayer times. Many stores and businesses may shut during prayer hours, and visitors should avoid making noise or indulging in activities that may disturb individuals who are praying.

The usage of alcohol is another major cultural aspect. Although alcohol is allowed in Morocco, it is not generally drunk and in certain places can be considered taboo. Guests should use caution while drinking and avoid overindulging.

To also stay safe in Marrakech, visitors should also observe local customs and traditions, such as eating with the right hand and greeting people. While visiting mosques or other religious places, it is also necessary to follow local traditions.

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Safety During Festivals and Events

Marrakech hosts a range of festivals and events throughout the year. Visitors should be aware of any safety concerns during these events, such as overcrowding or pickpocketing.

Safety for Solo Travelers

Morocco is a stunning nation that draws solitary tourists from throughout the globe. Although traveling alone may be a wonderful and fulfilling experience, it is critical to consider safety. These are some safety considerations for lone travelers in Morocco:

  1. Prepare for your trip: Before you arrive in Morocco, do some research on the regions you want to visit. Learn the region’s cultural norms, customs, and laws to avoid misunderstandings or cultural faux pas.
  2. Dress conservatively: Morocco is a Muslim nation with strict clothing restrictions for women. Dress modestly to avoid unwanted attention and to respect local norms.
  3. Don’t travel at night: Travel during the day and don’t walk around at night, especially in areas with little light. Use a cab or utilize a ride-sharing app if you must travel at night.
  4. Stay in safe places: Choose safe and reliable places to stay, like hotels or hostels with good reviews. Avoid staying in remote places or in hotels with inadequate security.
  5. Be wary of strangers: Although it’s vital to be nice and open to new experiences, it’s also necessary to be wary of strangers. Give out no personal information or accept offers from strangers.
  6. Keep your stuff close: Always keep your passport, money, and other critical papers with you. To keep your valuables secure, consider employing a money belt or concealed bag.
  7. Remain in touch: Get in touch with your loved ones back home and inform them of your schedule and location. To remain connected, consider acquiring a local SIM card or enabling international roaming.

Safety for Women in Marrakech

Even though Marrakech is usually a safe city for women, women who visit should take some precautions to make sure they are safe and secure while they are there.

Dressing modestly and properly is one of the most critical things female travelers can do to prevent unwanted attention or harassment. Cover your shoulders and legs, and avoid exposing apparel like short skirts or low-cut shirts. Although there is no mandatory dress code in Marrakech, wearing modest clothing might help demonstrate respect for local traditions and culture.

Female travelers should be extra careful while traveling alone at night. It’s best to avoid going alone in unknown regions and to stay in well-lit and popular areas. If at all feasible, travel with a companion or in a group.

Safety for LGBTQ+ Travelers

Morocco is a Muslim nation where homosexuality is frowned upon and same-sex partnerships are prohibited. Although there are no particular laws against LGBTQ+ tourists, it is important for travelers to be aware of their cultural and legal surroundings and to take care to protect their safety. Here are some recommendations for LGBTQ+ visitors to Morocco:

  1. Be wary of public demonstrations of affection: same-sex public displays of love may draw unwelcome attention and potentially result in legal ramifications. Such demonstrations should be avoided in public and in the presence of strangers.
  2. Stay at LGBTQ+-friendly lodgings: Look for LGBTQ+-friendly accommodations, such as gay-friendly hotels, hostels, or guesthouses. When making a reservation, do some research to verify that you are staying in a safe and welcoming environment.
  3. Dress cautiously in order to avoid drawing unwanted attention to oneself. Wearing exposing attire or anything that might be regarded as unpleasant or provocative should be avoided.
  4. Avoid meeting strangers on dating apps: Use caution while using dating apps, and avoid meeting strangers in quiet or secluded areas. Before deciding to meet in person, it is better to meet in public areas and get to know the individual.
  5. Maintain a low profile: While out in public, keep a low profile and avoid discussing your sexuality or personal life with strangers. It is preferable to blend in and avoid drawing attention to oneself.
Is Marrakech safe for tourists?

The short answer is YES!, but it’s important to be aware of potential risks and take precautions to ensure your safety during your trip.

Are there areas of Marrakech that are safer than others?

Yes, some areas of Marrakech are safer than others. Tourist areas and upscale neighborhoods tend to be safer than the medina (old town) and other crowded areas.

What are some general safety tips for travelers in Marrakech?

Some general safety tips for travelers in Marrakech include being vigilant in crowded areas, avoiding walking alone at night, and not carrying large amounts of cash or valuables.

Is Marrakech safe for LGBTQ travelers?

Marrakech is generally considered a safe city for LGBTQ travelers, but it’s important to keep in mind that Morocco is a conservative country and homosexuality is not widely accepted. While same-sex sexual activity is not explicitly illegal in Morocco, it is still considered taboo and can be met with social stigma or even legal consequences.


In conclusion, Marrakech is generally considered a safe city for visitors. The city takes the safety of its visitors seriously, and there are measures in place to ensure their safety. However, visitors should exercise caution when in public spaces, using public transportation, and traveling in rural areas surrounding the city. By taking these precautions, visitors can enjoy all that Marrakech has to offer while staying safe and secure.

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