Erfoud city

The city of Erfoud is located in southern Morocco in the valley of the Ziz river, which rises in the middle Atlas mountains and empties into the Merzouga desert creating the Tafilalet palm groves. These same palm groves are bordered by a wide hamada that is scattered with sand dunes.

About Erfoud

The souk of Erfoud

Awe-inspiring dry nature surrounds it, with lush oasis blending with rocky outcrops against stony mountains in the distance. Because of how much the scene resembles Mars, it has attracted the attention of scientists who conduct research there. Hollywood movies the Mummy and Prince of Persia were filmed in this dry region.

It was established as a military fort inside the French Protectorate. The station was built to keep the area under control, but multiple times its residents clashed with the soldiers. The Borj-Est and Borj-Sud hills, which overlook the city and provide stunning views of the palm grove, still have two minor forts from this era that were built at this time.

 Erfoud serves as the administrative center for the Errachidia province, a major tourist destination, and a jumping-off point for excursions into the desert, which accounts for its abundance of top-notch lodging.

Off-road vehicles that travel over its sandy roads also need a lot of amenities, including garages and gas stations.

Where to stay in Erfoud?

Below is a list of the best and the most recommended accommodations in the region where you can spend the night:

Erfoud city, the land of authentic fossils

The rare, priceless fossils from Erfoud are well known. The numerous fossils found in the region date back to a time when it was covered in water, roughly 500 million years ago. You can explore spectacular fossil workshops outside of Erfoud and find rare specimens there. Ammonites, nautiloids, crinoids, trilobites, and more are all present. Additionally, there are fish, crocodiles, and even dinosaur remnants.

What to see in the city of Erfoud?

The royal palace

the sole royal palace in the region. It’s worth visiting even though you can’t go inside to observe the outside and its illuminated gate at night.

The Ksar of Maadid

The largest ksar in southern Morocco is Madid in Erfoud. Ancient fortified towns or castles are known as ksars or kasbahs. Their narrow alleyways are open for exploration, and you can go to the neighboring oases. It boasts a colossal gate and lofty walls.

Borj Est

There is a former military station on this hill that overlooks Erfoud. With views of the river, the city, and the nearby mountains and sand, it’s the ideal spot to take in the sunset over Erfoud. Really magical surroundings.

Built works of land art

These strange buildings are roughly 25 kilometers away. The golden spiral, the stairway to heaven, and the city of orion are the three most well-known. They are modern art constructions created by German architect Hannsjönrg Voth using local resources.

Rissani city

A significant oasis village located in Tafilalet’s centre, 17 kilometers south of Erfoud. It is the ancient capital of Sijilmassa, one of the stops for old caravans traveling to Timbuktu over the Sahara. Additionally, it is where the current Alaouite dynasty was founded.

How to get there?

There are two significant interstates that lead to Erfoud. Erfoud is connected to El Jorf, Tinjdad, Tinghir, and Ouarzazate by the R702. The Merzouga desert is reached via this path. Errachidia is connected to Erfoud, Rissani, and Merzouga in the south by the N13.

Buses that travel to Erfoud via the north (by Midelt, Meknes, and Fes) and the east (via Marrakech, Ouarzazate, Boumaln Dades, and Tinghir) are both available on the public transportation system. Daily trips are run by Supratours.

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